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The people of Russia were very unhappy with the Russian government during 1907. They were especially mad with the Tsar, Nicholas II. How ever, the corrupted government was not the only reason why the Russian civilization rebelled against their own country and government. Other events such as the war between Russia and Japan (Russo- Japanese War), the massacre of poor workers in front of the Winters Palace in St. Petersburg Palace (Bloody Sunday), the mutiny of Russia’s most powerful naval ship the Potemkin which includes the revolution of 1905, and finally the role Russia played in the First World War.
The first reason as I have stated before was the Russo- Japanese war, the war between Russia and Japan. Both were fighting over Manchuria, East-China. Tsar Nicholas thought that this was an easy win. However, Russia lost and most of its naval army. An attack by the Japanese sank two Russian ships battleships and a cruiser at Port Arthur harbor. Three Russian infantry brigades and one artillery brigade invaded Korea, however this force was not strong enough to defeat the Japanese. The Russian army didn’t have any other reinforcements because most of its army was in European part of Russia and it would take 10 weeks by rail to transport a full size army all across the country. In March 1904, Japan attacked Vladivostok and extinguished any remains of the Russian navy. Later in April, Russia was in a full retreat after another battle between the two forces. In the end, Russia surrendered after Japan sieged Port Arthur by land. There were 45,000 Russian Casualties of people who defended the city.
Russia’s problem did not get any better, in fact they probably got worse. In the 1904, there were 500 strikes and protest in the whole of Russia. Close to the end of the year, Tsar Nicholas stubbornly agreed to reforms proposed by liberal nobles in Russia. Little action was taken to execute any of the reforms proposed by the nobles. Nicholas said, “I shall never, under any circumstances, agree to a representative form of government.” Democracy was not an option for the Russian people. On a Sunday in January 1905 over 150,00 workers assembled in front of the Winters Palace in Saint Petersburg. The man leading this protest was a priest named Father Gapon. He wanted to present “a Humble and Loyal Address to the Tsar begging him to improve the condition of the workers.” The rioter carried signs, crosses and sang hymns. Nicholas got tired and sent out 12,00 troops outside. He ordered them to open fire on unprotected and helpless troops. Over 500 marchers were killed and many more were wounded. That is why this day is referred to as “Bloody Sunday”, this got the Russian population absolutely furious. Father Gapon proclaimed that “There is no Tsar” in his sedition.
This massacre had its consequences. In February, a bomb killed Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich, Nicholas’s uncle, when he was going to the Kremlin palace in Moscow. He was the governor general of...

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