Application Essay For The Msfa Program In The University Of San Francisco

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Shanghai Stock Exchange was established on 1990, and at the same year, I was born. 18 years later, I started my bachelor degree in the Business School of Shanghai Normal University. There was a 2+2 exchange program between the Shanghai Normal University and Weber State University which is located in Ogden, Utah. So I attended this program without hesitation since it was truly a good opportunity to study finance and economics internationally. After graduated from Weber State University, I decided to come to the Great Bay Area since, I believe, the finance and economy of this region is outstandingly strong and steady. I started to work in Ameriasian Investment Group in February, 2013. I observed many financial service and transactions in personal lines, for instance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Asset management, Insurance, Equity, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, and Small Business Investment. At the meantime, I obtain the solid grounding in these basic financial service and transactions.

I witness that many Baby-Boomers are holding large amount capital and desiring for appropriate investment chances. For examples, many computer engineers and accountants worked in South Bay companies who originally come from East Asia, almost reach the retirement age, and they hold money in 401k with Paid-off houses. In order to diversify and receive stable cash flow, they are looking for professional solutions! Thus, my short-run goal is to provide professional and skillful financial services to these targeted clients. The Derivatives and Alternative Investments courses in the MSFA curriculum will help me in this way tremendously. Besides, I noticed that the incredible investment opportunities exist between the United States and China. These International businesses are two-directions. Especially, after China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone just launched in September, 2013. Both U.S. And China need Financial Specialists who familiar with International Financial System. Thus, for my long-term goal, I want to make strategic decisions for Chinese investors to achieve considerable returns in the United States. Or I want to help Foreign Investors...

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