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On the first day at my new job right after graduation, the Vice President asked me why I became a structural engineer. My answer was “I want to contribute to society and my local community using my strengths in numbers and analytical thinking.” This answer has never changed to this day.
I moved to this country when I was 18 years old. My parents were very passionate about providing me and my sister with the best opportunities available even above their comfort zone. They let me and my sister move to the United States because this is the country of opportunities. The United States is also the country with the best economy in the world still today. There is no question in my mind that this is the country in which I want to continue to live, and continue to pursue my dreams including receiving proper and best education for business and building my successful career in business.
I am always looking for new challenges because I believe that passion comes from challenges and passion is what I want to retain throughout my career. When I started working in the summer of 2008, the economy was strong enough to support my decision to become a structural engineer. While giving my 100% to be a dedicated and an outstanding asset to the company, I have developed a solid foundation in teamwork, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills by coordinating effectively with team members, conveying information between clients and engineers, providing the best structural design possible, resolving issues and conflicts between the architect’s vision and structural design with innovative solutions, and managing and accurately completing multiple tasks concurrently under time pressure. Such skills have been reflected well on my performance on the $80 million Perot Museum project for which I served as the key personnel to manage all documents that required timely turn-around among the contractor, engineer and architect.
The downturn of the economy after the Lehman Shock left my company no other option but to take a large number of unconventionally smaller scale projects rather than a small number of large scale projects. The number of projects assigned to my team became beyond my team manager’s ability. Under such circumstances, I was unexpectedly exposed to managing small scale projects with construction costs up to $5 million. Typical project management involves leading a three to five member team, supervising the project fee, overseeing work load of team members, and managing time to meet all recurrent deadlines within a tight schedule. Surprisingly, I found fulfillment while working on the management side rather than the engineering side of projects. I discovered myself being good at managing and began to wonder why I had never realized management is something I should pursue as my career.
As approaching the five year mark at the same company, I started to feel that I have reached a plateau in advancing as a structural engineer. Despite my...

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