Service Opportunities To Better Prepare My Future

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Paper making:
We gather paper products from campus, then we make a paper paste out of it without the use of chemicals then we make papers out of the paste that we use to make note books, envelop, and cards. I work in this with dedication. It is important because of the importance of its impact on the environment, UWC motto is sustainability. My way of appreciating nature is by actually doing something to help save it. Doing something rather than just talking and persistence in doing it with dedication are important qualities that every transformative leader should have.
High School Science:
We teach Indian students from the nearby villages that surround the campus science and we use the laboratory facilities on campus to show them experiments and allow them to perform it, this fulfill the requirement of lab work in their science syllabus. Communication is one of the many skills I develop from this activity, because of the language barrier between me and the students I teach, I try to solve the problem by using sign language, pointing at stuff and using very simple English words. For me to be a good teacher and actually leaving an impact on the kids I need to know them well and that is exactly what I do during the sessions, I try to have small conversations with the kids to make them feel more comfortable around me and for me to be able to understand the best way they understand to implement it during the session. Encouraging the students I teach is very important as they will feel elated if they felt that what they are doing is right so a simple "Good job" can sometime be like giving candy to a little kid. When I see that my work is making an impact I feel proud of myself and this motivates me to do more and to give passionately.
Arabic club:
In Arabic club, I teach basic conversational Arabic for students who are interested in learning the language. In addition to the language I teach the students some cultural background. I had a vision for my course, how I am going to teach it and what i want the students to get out of it. But I keep the course flexible to adapt it to the mindset of the members of the club and to the ways they understand the best. I organize a lot of entertaining activities to keep the interest of the members and motivate them to come regularly.
IT club:
In IT club I learned basic programming skills, using Blender, programming Arduino boards, making 3D printer. It increases my computer knowledge and skills. It adds to my creativity by making me explore new things and learn how they work. It feeds my curiosity on some new technological machines like the 3D printer that we are working on building, and the Arduino boards and its circuits. In order to benefit from the course I acquired the skill of listening, entertaining new ideas, working collaboratively for a common goal, exchanging experiences and ideas and discussing and benefiting from each other’s.

English teaching:
In the summer of 2013, I volunteered to teach in an...

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