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Essay A & B: John Grism's "The St. Lawyer"

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ESSAY - AWhile reading John Grisham's book, The St. Lawyer, I was reminded that homelessness is a sickness that plagues almost all of our nation. I enjoyed the fact that Grisham gave different types of evidence, in his book, to show how bad the problem is. Not only did he start off the book with Mister's first hand account of homelessness, but he later gives us facts as well. Before reading this book, I didn't have the concern that I do now, for this social problem. Not to say that I didn't care about the homeless, on the contrary I really cared about the homeless; I even have a couple homeless friends. However Grisham's book gave me a different insight on the issue and now my views have slightly changed.I rarely jump to conclusions with homelessness. I believe that homelessness can be due to a wide variety of reasons. People can become homeless if they lose their jobs, they get sued, evicted from their homes, addicted to drugs, or any number of other reasons. In Mister's case, he and a few others were evicted and some ended up dying on the streets. So we see that there are a wide variety of reasons that homelessness exists. Before reading Grisham's book I guess I never thought deeply about how people become homeless. Unfortunately, in addition to myself, I think most middle class Americans keep homelessness on their back-burners.Pretty much everyone I meet agrees that it's a problem, but I personally feel that we need to do more than just be concerned. In the book Grisham points out ( using Mister) that we don't do enough, if anything, to help homeless people. Donating money to shelters and cans for a food drive is great, but I feel we can take it to the next step. For me, personally, this means working at "Friends of the night people", which is a local shelter that provides meals for the homeless.I now see that homelessness is a more serious problem than I thought it to be. I think Washington D.C was a great place for Grisham to set his novel in because It made me think. If there is homelessness in our nations capital then we have some serious renovations ahead. Before reading The Street Lawyer I never put any serious thought into what our government has to do with homelessness. Now I want to educate myself as to what programs our nation has to help the homeless.ESSAY - BThe Street Lawyer, by John Grisham is your typical "small guy bringing down the giants" bestseller. It takes place in Washington DC, where Michael Brock, our hero, is a practicing anti-trust lawyer at Drake & Sweeny, on his way to achieving the almighty title of "partner". This means a million-dollar annual salary could be on its way. On top of that, Drake & Sweeny is the nation's fifth-largest law firm. Things seem to be going good for our hero; up until about the second page.Michael is dealing with three major problems in this book. His marriage is on the rocks, because of his commitment to a job that he hates and he's currently being held hostage at gunpoint with...

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