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Essay About 3 Countries In Africa. About Their Sustainable Growth

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1st GabonCongoLiberia4th UgandaNiger6th MozambiqueThere are countries in Africa that all vary in economic, human, environmental, and political growth. There are certain things that a country has to achieve in order to be able to sustain growth in all of those areas. Three countries are a good example in which the country is doing well, moderately, and very poorly. Mozambique is doing very poorly, Gabon is doing relatively well, and Uganda is doing moderately. Education is the first thing that a country has to achieve. Once they attain education, then they may work on other areas such as governmental issues. Then, when the country has a secure government and laws, they may go to health care, or economical issues. None of these things would be able to happen if the country wasn't adequate in education.I think the country in Africa that is most likely to have sustainable growth is Gabon. The literacy rate in Gabon is 61%. This isn't as high as the US or Europe, but it is one of the highest in Africa. If the country has high education, then they may know what to do to make their country improve. Gabon has one of the highest education levels, and also has one of the highest health care systems. The education may have been a factor of this. Also, Gabon is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa. The government is under control, which leads, again to having high education. Gabon has one of the world's finest virgin rainforests. They could learn to use this to their advantage. It is possible that they could make part of the rainforest into a national park. This would be benefiting to the whole country. It would give employment to more people, save scarce wildlife, and the country could use the money they receive as profit. Some of the money would pay the people, and the rest would go to making the country prosper. They could make fields on where to concentrate, such as health care, education, and government. Since it is already urbanized, they can concentrate on saving energy and not polluting. The population in Gabon is 1.2 million, which is very little. The infant mortality rate is 94 per 1 000 people. With such a little population, this is very high. Doctors are pretty good, but can be better. The GNP per capita is $3,500. This is rather high for all of Africa. The cause of this is the low population and oil deposits. Many of the countries have a relatively high amount of natural minerals, and most are unused. Gabon has large unexploited deposits of uranium, manganese, and iron ore. It would benefit the country to make use of these, but moderately. Overall, I think Gabon has the best chance of becoming a sustainable country. It is doing relatively well in the areas of education, and health care, but could boost in using their natural forests and minerals.The country, which is worst off in achieving sustainable growth is Mozambique. It doesn't have the essential, and many other requirements, in even almost becoming sustainable. The literacy rate...

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