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The Australian image is made up of things you love/like, hate/dislike and strange/weird, even if you don’t realise. Australia is a multi-cultural country, different people from different places. Australians get looked as people that love AFL, ect, which is not true. Everyone is different. Slangs are weird and sometimes hard for those that aren’t from Australia to understand, so it can be quite weird and strange, maybe even interesting for them.

A place where there is only people from your country, people that you see all the time, the same language, the same food, the same culture. A life like this would be quite boring. Don’t you think, trying new things would make a differences? Having different people to communicate with, will and can increase your ability to communicate in different languages, to experience different cultures, food, and much more. To understand that people are all different.
Why is it that we have social media which helps us chat with out friends or post photos of your life online for people to see. Like Facebook, Instagram ect. With Instagram there can be people that are from all over the world and you can chat with them, make new friends even though you don’t know them. It will and can makes you socialise more and with that, it can make you a lot more happier. And that’s what makes Australia unique and be loved by humans, us.

Do you like people calling you what you aren’t? Thant’s the same as stereotyping Australians. People think that what someone thinks and says about the thing or place, is true. They might be lying, you don’t know but that’s what us, humans do. Listening to people and agreeing about what the thing/place is and not experience it themselves to see if it’s true or...

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