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What Is an avalanche?
An avalanche is a sudden flow of snow down a slope. Such as the side of a mountain. The amount of snow carried in an avalanche depends on certain factors. Avalanches can sometimes bury the bottom for the hill in dozens of meters of snow. The cause of an avalanche can be natural. For example new snow or rain can cause the built up snow to dislodge and fall down the side of the slope. Earthquakes and animals have also been known to cause avalanches. Artificial triggers can also cause avalanches. For example snowmobiles, skiers, explosives and gunshots have been known to start avalanches. They usually occur in spring or winter, when snowfall is the greatest. Avalanches are an awesome destructive power known to have annihilate entire towns.
Ways to reduce risk?
One way to reduce the risk of being caught in an avalanche is to observe and be alert for some warning signs. They include things like cracks that form beneath your feet or skis and the ground...

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