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Essay About Fiona Gibson's Shortstory "Sugar Baby".

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Essay, - Sugar BabyA lot of people are getting used to taking other people's wishes and opinions lightly, deeming their own most important. But losing interest of everyones wishes but your own, is bad news for intimate relationships, especially those in families. Such families will face a lot of problems, like we see in the short story "Sugar Baby" by Fiona Gibson, first published by Conangate Books in the year 2000. In this story we meet a family consisting of four people; Joe, Helen, the baby and Jeannie, the first and last mentioned harbouring very conflicting interests, when it comes to what should go into the baby's mouth.Joe focuses on living life the 'natural' way, as he believes this to be the most healthy one as well. Quote, page 3: He'd read in Men's Health magazine that an adult male needs seven hours minimum or awful things happen: irritation, loss of concentration, plummeting libido. He gets his information from entertainment magazines and friends, which are not reliable sources. His knowledge is only skin-deep and doesn't extend beyond media hype and randomly picked up pieces of information, which credibility he doesn't even question. Quote, page 1: "Really?" Joe stared at the baby. He was surprised the kid wasn't trashing about in a sugar-overloaded frenzy. This shows how little he knows and how little research he has done on this subject, that he lets control his life and actions. Because his base of information is so lacking and poorly documented, his motivation is fragile and skin-deep too, failing him at the end. By smoking the cigarettes, he becomes a big hypocrite, something that might not have happened had he been properly educated from the beginning so he could tell the trivial matters from important ones.Jeannie is a rather oldfashioned woman, who has found meaning and purpose in food. She doesn't feel the need to change or be educated in other, healthier lifestyles, in fact she's so pleased with her way of doing things, that she actively attempts to pass her bad habits on to the next generations. She's ignorant and perfectly okay with it, but is also highly inconsiderate and pushy as she doesn't care about others wanting to live a life...

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