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Is Hamlet Crazy?In the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, the principle character is the prince Hamlet. He is guided by something called "spirit" which is supposed to be the ghost of his father, who was killed by his own brother, Claudius, which is the new king now. "Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death. The memory be green, and that is us befitted". [ACT I, Scene II]. "Therefore our sometimes sister, now our queen" [ACT I, Scene II].Hamlet is a young man, a college student who comes back to Denmark for his father's funeral and unfortunately, without he knows, to his mother's marriage. During the play he is portrayed as a person who is trying to get justice for the murder of his father. His new mother's marriage with his uncle also can be a reason for all Hamlet's craziness and/or madness; what worries everybody, not just in Denmark, but also in other places around it like England or Norway for example.Now, would Hamlet have any reason to suspect that this ghost was not really his father but instead some devil trying to trick him into killing Claudius and trying to destroy his life? Why did Shakespeare have the ghost of King Hamlet return with the "news" saying that his death wasn't natural, and that his own brother killed him? Shakespeare could have used anything, from a letter to a messenger to start the play passing the information about the old King's death, but why a ghost?"God willing shall not lack. Let us go in together; and still your fingers on your lips, I pray. The time is out of joint. O coursed spite. That ever I was born to set it right!" [Hamlet, ACT I, Scene V, 28]. This passage shows that Hamlet wants his revenge and he king agree with his destiny, also describes a little about his personality; he is a really religious person, he acts like God is always on his side, also he looks like someone that doesn't trust anyone but himself; he definitely believes in destiny when he says that he was born to rectify, to set it right and make justice. "O coursed spite" [Hamlet, ACT I, Scene V, 28], these three words are strong enough to proof that Hamlet knows how this story is going to end, he knows that the ghost could not be saying the truth, but he still willing himself to his revenge. If that was part of his destiny, there was nothing that he could make to change it.It is really clear that Hamlet seeks revenge for his father death, but where did Hamlet get this wish, this plan to seek revenge on his own uncle? Some research on EXPLORING Shakespeare tells that there was a great belief in ghosts, and magic on that time. So with that it is quite sure that Shakespeare's audience could easily believe in the ghost of old Hamlet. Some people truly believe that Hamlet actually sees the ghost of his dead father and he is only trying to make justice. They believe that the ghost is real and it is not part of Hamlet's imagination at all.From the beginning I believe that Hamlet had so much anger already because of his mother's...

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