Essay About How Cloning Should Not Be Allowed School Research Paper

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Nicholas Irby
Mrs. Roberts
October 26, 2017
Con’s of cloning
Scientists today are always trying to find a way to make life better and easier no matter cost. Dr. Victor Frankenstein from the novel Frankenstein was a dedicated scientist who devoted his life to his creation which ultimately lead to his demise. Frankenstein violated many ethical and moral codes of today’s society, similar to how some scientists are with cloning. Cloning sounds like a good idea when it was first introduced in the 1800s with some good pro’s, but the truth is that the con’s outweigh the pros. Scientist seem to ignore this fact when chasing fame, and money for having the “next” big discovery in science. Some reasons for this phenomenon is the anxiety of the scientists to make a big discovery, the lucifer effect and the mortality rate of the animals or people being cloned is a con that is very important to mention.
The anxiety about cloning over the years is the idea that you could possibly pick and choose what how they would want their animals or clones of themselves. The world was never intended to be changed with in this way, cloning would remove what makes each individual human unique. This would cause issues with the law enforcement because the original and the clone would have the exact same genetic make-up making it difficult to tell who did what. Changing individuals to make them more athletic or more intelligent is attempting to become more like god like how Frankenstein did. Society has placed a proverbial price tag on being able to create their children how they want to and not through natural selection.
In The Lucifer effect by Philip Zimbardo, the book explains how uncontrolled power can lead to abuse of that power. Cloning brings a large amount of power to those who can do so successfully. If someone with this power were to use it reckless then it could lead to an unlimited possibility of unethical actions. Humans throughout time has showed that we allow power to cloud our better judgement. The type of cloning that removes the nucleus of a cell is called therapeutic, which is ironic since it kills human embryos which is killing life. There is absolutely nothing therapeutic about ending a life before it had a chance to begin, more cloning techniques are doing this which is unethical and just plain wrong. “However, following the successful derivation of human embryonic stem cells in 1998, the debate over human cloning largely shifted to the question of whether it is acceptable...

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