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Essay About Money And The Love And Want For Money In "Rocking Horse Winner" By D.H. Lawrence

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The Love for Money"Show me the money!", the famous Hollywood phrase, simply states the feeling for all people in the world. For it is safe to say that money is one of the most prized possessions to most everyone. The idea of money is huge, extravagant, and because of its great significance to the world, money is extremely powerful. Money is just as important to people in the United States as it is to Japan, or The Middle East, or Australia, or London, or anywhere else in the world. Being so worldly, important, and powerful, money is strongly apparent in the day to day lives of all people on earth, for money can be found in nearly all aspects of life. Money is often found in literature. In ...view middle of the document...

When this time comes he is either not sure, fairly sure, or absolutely positive of the winning horse. When Paul is positive, he and his partner bet all of their money on the horse that was summoned during Paul's ceremony with the rocking horse. When Paul is positive, he wins, and when he wins he brings a handful of money to his mother. During one occasion, Paul deposited 5,000£ to his mother's bank account so that she will receive 1000£ on her birthday for five years. Paul donates this money in hope for love from his mother. It is now apparent that most actions in this family that are done for money were because the family thought this cash would bring them love.Another reason the family always wants more money is because they cannot come to terms with the fact that there is no love for each other. The family does not love each other. The husband and wife once loved each other, but a long time ago their love turned cold for reasons unknown. The kids had been forced on the wife and she cannot love them because they were unwanted and they only remind her of the love that she and her husband once had, that is now no longer. The husband has no feelings for his wife and kids, for there is rarely a time when he is not away from home, working in his...

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1135 words - 5 pages ). The springs keeping the horse down symbolize Paul's mother who is keeping Paul down (Martin 65). Paul's mother never showed him any love so instead of Paul acting like a boy he devoted it trying to win love from his mother. In the last part of the quote Paul's mother sees what her son has been doing with the rocking horse, but her greed for money causes her to stand there in her "pale green and crystal [dress]" (Lawrence 534; Beauchamp 32). Paul's

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