Essay About Mosly How The Internet Works Also Gives Brief Discripion Of How Modems Work Also

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Modem is short for Modulator-demodulator. What happens when you use a 56k modem is you send data that has been modulated so the phone lines understand it. When you receive data through a modem you are demodulating, and returning it into digital data. So basically what you have is a form of compression. The first modem was invented in the 60's for businesses, the time line of the evolution of modems are as follows?300 bps - 1960s through 1983 or so?1200 bps - Gained popularity in 1984 and 1985?2400 bps?9600 bps - First appeared in late 1990 and early 1991?19.2 kilobits per second (Kbps)?28.8 Kbps?33.6 Kbps?56 Kbps - Became the standard in 1998?ADSL, with theoretical maximum of up to 8 megabits per second (Mbps) - Gained popularity in 1999The reason for the evolution In ...view middle of the document...

Modems transfer and receive data in full-duplex which means that it sends and receives data at the same time modems that transfer only one way are called half-duplex. When modems evolved the creators of the modems had to find a way to fit tons of information into 3,000 hertz of bandwidth which is what a 56k modem uses. One of the newest developments in modems is the asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) modems. The reason the modem has asymmetric in it is because the data is not as fast transferring one way as it is transferring another way. A ADSL modem transfers data from one ADSL modem at the site where your computer is located to the phone companies ADSL modem it is transferred by a solid copper wire that has a bandwidth of 1Mbps. When you dial up what you are actually doing is connecting to another computer called an Internet Service Provider (ISP), they are the ones that actually connect you to the internet (which is just a glorified network of computers) when you dial into them they issue you an IP (Internet Protocol) address which is used to basically trace your steps on the internet for instance if you were to go to a site that wasn't deemed appropriate by the ISP and voids your contract with the ISP all they have to do is show that the IP address was found viewing that page and find out who was issued the IP address and that's it. Your IP address is like your finger print every where you go on the web you send a fingerprint and a finger print from the place that you went to is put in your computer (cookies). The internet has grown in many of ways, and will continue to do so until technology ceases to exist which will never be

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