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Essay About Myself As A Writer

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I have learned a lot about myself in the last twelve weeks. I discovered so much about my writing. I learned who I really am once I came out from behind the "Official Style" that I've clung to since junior high. I have to tell you, it was very difficult for me to let go. I felt lost and uncertain. But in the process I found myself, my style, and my voice. I learned to let myself come through in my writing. I have to admit, writing became a lot more fun and interesting.

When I looked back and read my first paper for this class, I laughed. I couldn't believe how trapped in the O.S. I was. I remember thinking as I wrote it that I was getting away from theme writing, but the only reasons I thought this were because I used the first person, and the paper had more than five paragraphs. How silly I was! It was still just a longer theme paper done in the first person point of view!

Actually, I think at the time I really didn't know any better. I had been writing this way for so long, I thought that I needed it for a good paper. I didn't want to leave it because, if I did, I wouldn't know what to do.

But this quarter changed everything. I learned to write like Stacy, not like Ms. Molitor (my high school teacher). I left the O.S. for just a little bit. I know that I'll end up using it for other classes and in other situations, but at least now I know that it has a place, and that place isn't _everywhere_.

I really enjoyed being able to start thinking for myself again. I liked the fact that I could write what I wanted in whatever way I wanted without being punished. The only tough part was that I was still expected to write in the O.S. for other classes. To top that off, I had to learn to write in journalistic style as well. Talk about being completely lost! Between this class and that one, everything I knew about writing was taken away from me.

It was only at the end of this quarter that I began to feel at ease writing in these other styles. I finally felt comfortable enough to challenge what had been taught to me as "the law" of writing. I wanted to do something different, to explore other styles and voices. I wanted to show Ms. Molitor that she doesn't know everything, that I don't have to write in the Official Style to be effective. Sometimes things are better when they're written differently.

Another thing I know I did when I wrote this first paper was to write to please the teacher. I tried to sound like I really knew what I was talking about. I also made college out to be one big learning experience. Well, it is a learning experience, but not in the way I made it seem. I made it sound like every class I took taught me something new about myself. Well, that holds true if what I learned was how well I could do on a test if I didn't read the text or studied while watching Days of Our Lives (by the way, I'm really getting sick of that Lady in White, aren't you?). But I was sucking up, I know that. I wasn't going to say that some...

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