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Syntoria Stevenson
Professor Perro
CENG 106-10
8 May 2017
Social Media it is not Meant for the Younger Audience
According to AAP News & Journal Gateway by the age of ten, more than half of the children conducted in a survey, use social media. CNN states that “fifty-two percent, between the ages of eight and sixteen ignored the age limit” on social sites. Subsequently gullible 14 year olds basically walked into the hands of predators. Social networking can be utilized for some awesome things but it is not implied for kids less than 16 years old because of the surplus pictures of violence, consistent utilization of verbal harassing and the overflow of pornography. Not all online networking is awful, now and again it can be extremely helpful, yet often, it's filled with cussing and cyberbullying. Kids require time to be children, not investing their energy in front of the PC when they can go outside and play. When all is said, and done social media is not a good place to invest a great deal of energy, regardless of your age.
Children can experience harassing over social media and may not know the person. Individuals may get bullied by a huge number of people behind computer and phone screens for practicing their first amendment. It doesn't help that it might get a large number of retweets and that individual is found in a negative light. School confrontations can go from the classroom to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Fight videos have a negative impact on younger children, the viral videos will only cause more damage to the youth. This is the main reason social media is not implied for the more youthful age group. Cyberbullying should not be viewed as any to a lesser degree a danger as customary harassing, seeing that most cyberbullying happens outside of adults’ presence. Cyberbullying will advance as new social sites advance meaning new techniques to respond against cyberbullying need to take place. As well as to be proactive and quit cyberbullying before it happens. Not prepared for what’s coming, these kids do not have a full comprehension of the happenings in social networking that may cause them to be an easy target. To shield them from any harm and danger, a strict limitation must be enforced by the social media creators and parents.
In very recent news almost all the police brutality killings have been recorded and posted to social media for billions to see. Through social media millions have witnessed the deaths of Eric Gardner, Philando Castile, and audio of Sandra Bland. As an eighteen-year-old watching and hearing these killings were hard to swallow and I would not want a young child ever coming across it on their feed. They are also graphic gang initiations. These are hard to watch and sometimes hard to even comprehend therefore sixteen should be the minimum age for social media. I am a strong believer in if you “stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares into you”. Meaning you will become what you are around the...

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