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Essay About Plants And Their Importance. How Can We Make Plants Grow Faster?.

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Plants and humans are perhaps the most important organisms, however, us humans, have caused the death of thousands of plants by starting fires and by cutting down trees for things such as paper and furniture. Plants make oxygen which is very important for our survival; we can't live without it.In the year 2003 alone, 774500 acres of land, that contained not only threes but animals too, were burned in California (Jane Strong, 2003). Some of this land was burned due to natural fires but some of it was probably cause by humans that weren't careful enough. These fires do only kill threes and animals sometimes even other people are harmed.People also cut down threes to make furniture and other things needed for construction. As I look around my house I can see that a lot of the things I have, are made of wood. The chair I'm sitting on, the pencils I use to write, the dining table, and even the house is made of wood. It was then that I thought about how many threes had to be cut down just to make my house. How many threes had to be cut down to make all of the houses in Arlington. People also waste a lot of paper without thinking that they are killing threes; people should recycle and think twice when they waste paper.As the number of people in the world increases, the need for wood increases too. Food companies as well as the companies who cut down threes need to look for ways to make plants grown faster in order to satisfy the need for wood. People have to grow a higher number of plants than the number they cut down. This is necessary because if they number of plants in the world is too low there would be too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; this would be harmful to us because...

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