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Revolutionary WarHow can a major world power lose a significant war against a country that is less than half of its size, and has a couple thousand soldiers? This question was answered by many historians in the past and almost all of them agreed that England could of easily crushed the America in the American Revolution, but the question still is: why didn't they?The odds of America wining the Revolutionary war were very slim, almost none. England was a world power, with the best navy at that time, the government was strong and it had an enormous number of soldiers. On the other hand the colonists were fighting for their rights, they were sick of England dictating their lives. They wanted a change, and when the negotiations didn't do any good, the colonists took the law in their own hands and began a rebellion against the England.Fighting a war wasn't mandatory for colonists, so some of them wouldn't risk their lives unless their property was in danger of being overtaken. Also the import of goods by sea was almost impossible because England had the control of all the major ports, which left the colonists with limited resources. Another disadvantage for the colonists is money. There was no law that said that taxing was allowed, so the government was relying on the donations, which weren't that great. Many American soldiers were armed with pitchforks, because American budget couldn't afford guns for all the colonists. Only real force America had was the Continental Army, which consisted of around 5,000 well trained personnel. America also had some very good generals and other army leaders, which is an important part of the American victory. One of the greatest leaders in the history of America is George Washington, even though he lost more battles than he won. Most of the battles that he won were at the crucial point for American independence. None of the other leaders can compare to Washington for all that he had done to win the war. One of his biggest victories took place at Princeton on January 3, 1777, where his army of 1,500 people defeated 6,000 British men. The war wasn't really popular in Britain, because most of the British people didn't want to risk their lives for the land that was across the Atlantic Ocean, so the British brought criminals and Hessians to fight the war for them. While colonists were fighting for freedom, British soldiers got paid in cash and they had an abundant supply of food and military technology. One of the...

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534 words - 2 pages offensive position and continue on towards Washington. McClellan, being, as always, quite slow to act, could possibly have won the entire war on this day. By choosing to hold back three quarters of his men he was unable to deal a decisive defeat to Lee's army. Had McClellan attack with a full force, he might have been able to drive Lee's army back to Richmond and quickly stop the Civil War. However, the fact that he was able to fight the rebels to a

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