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Essay About The Film Juno And How The Movie Brought Issues About Pregnancy And Adolescences English

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Debuted in 2007 the movie Juno directed by Jason Deitman displays how a young freelance teenager, Juno, who lives in the moment, but once she finds out that she is pregnancy her world changes. Through the use of narrative and cinematic conventions the film Juno has effectively brought up issues such as teenage pregnancy and adolescence, positioning teenagers to realise the positive and negative effects an action can have on their life.

The characterisation of sixteen-year old Juno is conveyed through her quirky, confident and naïve attitude, which effectively helps teenagers understand how her unique character displays the issue of teenage pregnancy. When Juno finds out that she is pregnant she does not react in the way that other teenagers would expect, Juno is calm and soon realises the upcoming consequences and decisions she must face. This is displayed during the scene when Juno tells her parents she is pregnant where she says, ‘“I’m going to give it up for adoption and I already found the perfect couple they are going to pay for the medical expenses and everything.” Deitman has purposely composed Juno’s characterisation as unique and confident, because the context of this movie was during the period when teenage pregnancy was an underlining issue towards society during 2007. Representing teenagers becoming mature and responsible for their actions once unexpected outcomes occur. As the movie progresses Juno is represented as a teenager who begins to act mature, this is seen when she says, “It's your baby. It kinda looks like it's waving, you know, like it's saying, "Hey Vanessa, will you be my mom?" Producing the effectiveness of this movie by allowing teenagers to know and understand that teenage pregnancies can occur to anyone including themselves. Where positive effects such as maturing will occur, positioning all teenagers to realise that teenage pregnancy is an issue to consider in their life.

The issue of teenage pregnancy is also effectively displayed to teenagers through the use of camera angles, which is a strong cinematic convention that Deitman has used throughout the production of Juno. Camera angles and framing convey emotion and meaning in this movie, which helps positions teenagers to feel involved as the issue of teenage pregnancy unravels. For instance Juno is the main character that is seen in the camera angles, such as the close-ups, over-the shoulder shots, mid-shots and long shots. Where teenagers are able to see Juno’s facial expressions as well as her body language. Presenting the issue of teenage pregnancy as shaping the social context by using camera angles to convey Juno as subverting the ideologies of pregnant teenagers dressing revealing and acting provocative towards men. Teenagers are shown this through camera angles because they display how Juno is wearing long sleeved shirts and pants instead of revealing clothes. Furthermore camera angles are used to represent a certain message or action such as...

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