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Essay About The Old Testament

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Essay about the Hebrew Scriptures


The study of the scriptures conforming the Old Testament, is a good start not only for those who believe, but also for non-believers looking forward to go further in the study of the sacred and man's relationship with the spiritual realm. The Old Testament (also known as the Hebrew Scriptures) is a true literary jewel whose influence reflects in the work of many prominent authors from different generations.

Theological perspective of the Old Testament:

From a theological point of view, for Christians and Jews, these writings represent the word of God and they are highly respected as such, not only during the worship, but in the everyday’s life of those who believe.

Historical and anthropological perspective:

From the historical point of view, the Hebrew Scriptures have been a crucial factor in establishing our origins as a civilization. Numerous archaeological findings have been made ​​possible thanks to these texts.

Brief Summary of the books


Genesis means “birth” or “beginning”. This book has the records of the creation, the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the tower of Babel, the dispersion of the races, and the lives of the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Genesis has been called "the book of origins," because all other books of the Bible come from it.


Exodus means "departure" and it refers to the departure of the children of Israel from Egypt. This book has the story of the birth and early life of Moses, the Ten Plagues, the journey from Egypt to the Sinai, the giving of the law, and a description of the tabernacle. Chapter 20 contains the Ten Commandments, which are the basis of today’s code of civilization.


Levita and Leviticus are both derived from the name of Levi, one of the twelve sons of Jacob. This was the priestly tribe, which was commissioned to conduct the rites and ceremonies of sacrifices and the teaching of the law of Moses. The book gives us the ritual that was used in the service of the tabernacle and describes the duties of priests.


The book of Numbers comes from the fact that the children of Israel were counted twice. Chapter ten is a continuation of the story of the pilgrimage of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan, which was interrupted in Exodus 19. In their pilgrimage from Mount Sinai, the Israelites planned to travel north and enter Canaan by the southern limits. But they were frightened by the report of the spies who spoke of the large size of the inhabitants of the earth. As a result, they went wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and finally entered Canaan from the east, crossing the river Jordan.


Deuteronomy means "second law" or the second part of the law. Many people who had been present when the law was given on Mount Sinai had died for this time in the history of Israel. Therefore it was necessary to repeat the law to benefit the next generation....

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