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Essay Assignment 1

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Since the first case of HIV infection in Malawi was reported in 1985, (Malawi Government, 2012. 2) approximately 1,100,000 people in Malawi are now living with HIV and AIDS, (UNAIDS. 2013). Malawi is already a country in the throws of socio-economic and developmental challenges. The increase of the number of people infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a world-wide problem and Malawi is experiencing this problem in pandemic proportions. (WHO, 2013).

This paper therefore aims to answer two questions posed:
1. The Negative Impact of HIV and AIDS in Malawi
2. The Negative Impact of HIV and AIDS in my own life

1. The Negative Impact of HIV and AIDS in Malawi

In every single sector of Malawi's society, the negative impact of HIV and AIDS in Malawi can be felt, in directly or directly. The negative impact of HIV and AIDS in Malawi include: loss of human capital in all sectors (formal and informal work environments), a contribution to the decrease in the average Malawian's life expectancy, an increase in societies burden of welfare for vulnerable groups especially children and old people amongst other negative effect of this pandemic. (Bollinger, ., et. al. 2000, pp. 3) stated that “The two major economic effects are a reduction in the labor supply and increased costs”. Every area of society feels this strain, and it can be easily deduced that no on based in Malawi can confidently say that they have never lost someone who has died from the virus or more so, it's corresponding disease.
Apart from loss of human capital, that is; trained personnel in businesses, civil service and the non-for-profit sector, the AIDS pandemic has caused a drastic shift in the traditional family structure of many of Malawi's cultural and traditional norms. The traditional or common “extended family” or “nuclear family” (for those with western influence) is now forced to have alternative heads of the home. This maybe the oldest living sibling, an able bodied grand-parent or various other family members, whom were not ordinarily the heads of the home in previous centuries of Malawi's social norms. Evidence of this can be seen in the increase in the number of orphans in the country because of children having either lost one or both parents. Also, many orphans tend not to complete their formal education. This could be as a result of there being inadequate funds for the child (i.e. street child) or the household to support and care for these children. “There are significant demographic differences in the...

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