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Essay Assignment 2: Humanism And The Renaissance Arts

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When discussing the Renaissance; the most intimate area of focus are, art and architecture. Although no one really talks about Renaissance being an obvious era of some of the greatest and most innovative masters of painting, sculptures and builders. Or even that It is also the most influential eras that marked the emergence of a great deal of Scholars, thinkers, writers and philosophers. Regardless the Renaissance (a French word for “rebirth”) was a much needed time for awakening, from the intellectual darkness of the medieval direction, and the rise of many, concepts that would form the basis for civilization as we know it today. Renaissance is a term that was created in the nineteenth century originally to symbolize the revival of art and letters from the influences of ancient Roman and Greek models. The Renaissance was unquestionable, a distinct era. Logical thoughts and morals from the ancient Greek and Roman individuals headed towards humanistic beliefs and encouraged people to become multi-talented people. As a result, the Renaissance people became a prominent population. As the ideals of the people changed, religion could no longer control their lives and Allowed advancements in all characteristics of life to virtually improved.
Through the period of the Renaissance, ideas and beliefs changed greatly. Humanism played a significant role in the advancements of the Renaissance. Humanism, stressed secular ideas and beliefs; as well as the importance of advocating human’s ideas and values. The movement drew inspirations from the ancient Greek and Roman people. Therefore, classical education began to circulate once again. The earliest Renaissance literature was first examined by an Italian named Francesco Petrarch, through the rediscovery of Cicero’s literature. Petrarch and Boccaccio (Petrarch’s first student of Humanism arts) became dedicated to Cicero’s work and were among the first to fluently read the Latin and vernacular Italian languages. Once the ancient language was mastered; it could be rethought and mastered with a Renaissance twist. With the ancient literature and the modern ear the needed the rediscovering of eloquence or rhetoric. Humanism became widely spread through public voice and rediscovered languages to effectively produce vernacular literature that captured other audiences of the Renaissance age. Humanist philosophy originating in Italy with Petrarch, during the 13th century continued to spread through countries to the end of the 16th century. With the help of new technologies such as the printing press, allowed authors of the Renaissance to create the theme of humanistic beliefs through their writing. Also the creation of the printing press encouraged authors to write in local languages rather than one common language. This helped to contribute to the spread of humanist beliefs. With the newly discovered idea to challenge the Church or state the era of humanism had successfully taken its place in the era of the...

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