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Essay Basically Explains How Queen Elizabeth I Of England Was A Leader.

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Leaders Model the Way:From the time that Elizabeth was born, she knew eventually she would become the Queen of England that despite the best efforts of her sister Mary, who was the Queen until she died in 1558 and Elizabeth succeeded her at the age of 25. The childhood of Elizabeth was fraught with danger and disaster. Her mother was beheaded when she was three years old. Elizabeth, a nominal Protestant, was considered a constant threat to her sister, for a while during Mary's reign; Elizabeth was imprisoned in the tower on London, suspected of having aided Sir Thomas Wyatt in a rebellion against the queen. These early experiences, helped Elizabeth develop a technique, which was to hold her in good stead throughout her reign: the technique of giving "answerless answers" (Haigh, 1985, p 25). In addition, Elizabeth schooled herself well; during her teen years, she could already speak six languages. In later years, this ability with languages would place her at an advantage with foreign dignitaries.On the mourning in which her sister died and Elizabeth was told that she would be the next queen "she knelt on the cold grass amid the crackling autumn leaves, saying, "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes," a quotation from the Psalms (118, v. 23) which celebrates God's mercy toward Israel" (Rossaro, 1966, p. 4). These where the first words Elizabeth said when she heard the news, which tells us that she was already thinking of the people in her country. Since she was quoting the she pleased, her Protestant followers and she quoted it in Latin, which pleased her Catholic follower. She could already see the tension that was dividing the people, the tension brought on by her two older siblings. Understanding that violence was not a solution to the fighting breaking out between the Protestants and the Catholics, she saw it was obvious to take a new direction. She reduced the number of beheading that became to be so frequent during her sister Mary's reign as queen. She also treated the two religious factions equally when facing moral and political issues.Leaders Inspire a Shared Vision:It was not until the time that Elizabeth ruled that all of England began to see a common vision. Before her, the country was divided into factions, whether it is religious, political, social class, gender, even age. During her reign, the people stopped looking inside their country for an enemy and started to believe in one vision: the greatness of England. The discovering of the new world only fueled the fires of industry and Elizabeth encouraged her people to take action. As a woman, she understood her power over the opposite sex and used it to her advantage, usually to avoid open war. It was as if she ruled by instinct, knowing just when to withhold a decision, often until the need for decisive action had passed and a crisis had thus been averted.As trade among nations increased so did the world economies and England was no different. She used her ability to...

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