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James Joyce is considered one of the most unique writers in the 20th Century. After reading Jame's Joyce, "The Dead", it is apparent that Joyce's writing is not only complicated, but the way he tells the story is unique as well. In "The Dead", it is difficult to understand what the beginning scenes represent and it really does not have any affect on the plot of the story. "The Dead" starts with a little party thrown by the Morkan sisters. At this party, all of the Morkan sister's friends and family were invited. One of the people who attended the party was their nephew, Gabriel. After some singing, dancing, the people at the party sit down and had dinner. They had some goose, ham, and pudding. After dinner, Gabriel gives an emaculate speech and everybody goes home afterward. Once Gabriel and his wife get to the hotel, she tells him a story of her ex-lover. It is only this point of the story, at the end of the story, where the story reaches a climax and ends almost abruptly. James Joyce's writing style is evidently different from most writers. After reading "The Dead", it became apparent that Gabriel Conroy from the short story had a few similarities to that of James Joyce. Could it be that the beginning of the story in "The Dead" was for James Joyce to develop his characters? Or was it just to develop the character Gabriel Conroy? Nonetheless, the similarities between Joyce and Conroy is their way of thinking, intelligence, and feelings towards their homeland. One similarity between James Joyce and Gabriel Conroy is that they are both highly educated and intelligent. Both Joyce and Conroy attended prestigious universities. James Joyce attended Dublin's University College and Gabriel Conroy attended a prestigious school as well. "Thanks to her, Constantine was now senior curate in Balbriggan and, thanks to her, Gabriel himself had taken his degree in the Roal University." By receiving an education, both men were highly intelligent as well. James Joyce wrote a book at the age of twenty-six and by the age of thirty-two, Joyce had his first major work published. It was a collection of short stories entitled "Dubliners." Gabriel Conroy is also highly intelligent man. When Conroy had to give a speech, " he was undecided about the lines from Robert Browning for he feared they would be above the head of his hearers. Some quotation that they could recognize from Shakespeare or from the melodies would be better." Conroy is such a wellread man, that he is afraid that his audience would not understand parts of his speech. Both James Joyce and Gabriel Conroy seem to have some sort of animosity towards their native land. After James Joyce left Dublin, he never returned. Joyce left Dublin at the age of twenty-two, right after visiting his mother on her deathbed. "Joyce made his first trip to Paris in 1902, returned to Dublin several times to see his dying mother, and then left Ireland for good, with Nora Barnacle, in 1904. It is not certain why...

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