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Essay Concerns The 100th Birthday Bash Party Of Canada. Had To Write This Because Of A Course Called "Introduction To Canadian Culture". Received A 91% Grade.

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On the first of July, 1967, Canada celebrated its one-hundredth "birthday", its centennial year. Through entire Canada activities were planned. Throughout the entire nation, people were celebrating and having fun. An example of these huge festivities are "The Canada Festival" they offered a huge selection of great entertaining shows, every city celebrated it differently, some even build landing pads for UFO's or even incredibly large festivals like the Expo 67 which was held in Montreal from April 28 till October 27, which is nearly a full month or partying. Most activities were held in Ottawa, where an incredible sound and light show got projected onto the Canadian Parliament Buildings.The Expo 67 was the biggest and best event of Canada's 100th anniversary celebration and a great symbol of national pride for CanadiansHowever from the beginning on, the Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson was worried that Montreal wouldn't meet the deadlines of the exposition, since a lot needed to be completed. They feared that the deadline couldn't be reached in time and Canada would look like a fool on their biggest day in history. However everything turned out excellent, when the Expo opened its doors on the 28th of April, 1967, it was a glamorous spectacle. They even had a large monorail train that drove over the incredibly large terrain which included an oversized dome and an innovative housing complex called Habitat '67.Sixty countries created small and quite large havens, some pretty sober while others were greatly designed and build. Also there were two islands created in the St. Lawrence River, they were called Île Ste-Hélène and Île Nôtre-Dame, they were created out of the landfill which was created because of the building of the city's new subway system.Expo 67 was a great party in its theme, Man and His World. It was visited by more than 50 million people, a stunning international success.The French Prime Minister was also present and played a pretty important role. He caused a small political problem. Since on the 24th of July, thousands of people gathered around the City Hall of Montreal to greet De Gaulle. The President stood on the balcony flanked by Premier Daniel Johnson and Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. He addressed the huge, enthusiastic crowd,...

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