Essay: Coping With Technological Change

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Change has always been for the better, but when it comes to change in technology; it’s not necessary that the change is going to be good. Technology has been advancing rapidly and is given more importance now than ever before. Every day, technology enhances our modern lifestyle. Although electronics allow us to connect and communicate our ideas with people, they also brainwash us into spending more time using our devices rather than spending quality time with friends and family. It may be hard to believe, but statics show us that almost sixty percent of teens that were surveyed said that they had a slight addiction to the internet and more than forty percent of teens are addicted to their ...view middle of the document...

Electronics are the ones that are in control of our state of mind now a day. Basically our addiction has allowed technology to drive us; it has distracted us from the importance and value that was given to our family and studies. We happen to spend less time with our families, friends and going outside continuing our daily activities, it may be sports, swimming or just hanging out with friends. The more we involve ourselves with the internet the more time we spend away from our studies. Don’t take me wrong, I believe that the internet is a great and important factor in our lives. It has given us more than what people had before; we have everything at the tips of our fingers, research has become easier, we can connect and talk to friends and families all over the world, we can find what we need even if it’s notes for a class or a cooking recipe. However being addicted or obsessed with something specific isn’t always good. We depend too much on the internet for everything; we’re so used to finding and searching for what we want that when we don’t find what we need we get mad. In short you could say that the internet has the power to control our emotions. The more we drain our time with the internet the less tempered we become in reality because we want everything told to us fast.
The negative impact internet is having on us online is already bad enough; its harm to us in reality has just made things worse. We’ve heard about cyberbullying and how it has been effecting teens all over the world. Cyberbullying is a huge threat online, sending hateful message to people that might go to your school or anonymous embarrassing and harassing them. The issue itself was already so horrifying that when it from online to reality it took the lives of many teens. Kids got so worried about the messages they would stop going to school, they wouldn’t go anywhere and as a result, they got so fed up that they ended up killing themselves. It is really a horrifying sight to know that something that seems so harmless like the internet can do something as big as taking one’s life. This is why we enforce people not to share their personal information online because some of the details you’re sharing are going to harm you in reality, people stalking one another, hacking accounts and threatening. Individually we might not think the internet has any reaction on us, but when you use up your time chatting online, making “new friends” you find it easier to express your feelings online versus in reality. Some people appear to be different online and in reality, where they might seem more open, but face to face they aren’t really good with words, or don’t know how to express themselves. Even though the internet has brought many of its gloomy reactions on the people; it helped us through many difficult situations. Problems like finding different locations online, how far a certain place is from us, being aware of current affairs, and newspapers are online for you to be aware of...

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