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Essay Explaining The Themes Of The Gift Of The Magi

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Honors English
The Gift of the Magi
Love can make you give up your most prized possession. “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry, is about a young couple who sacrifice their most prized possessions to give one another the best gift. Even if they were living through tough times and the money was very thorough Jim and Della both tried their best to afford a nice gift for each other. They find out that their love for one another is more important than any gift. The theme of “The Gift of the Magi” is portrayed on how the author uses tone mood and characterization to develop the theme; the best gift one can receive is love.
Della spent hours looking for a present for Jim, this sets the tone of affection. When Della was thinking about what to buy for Jim, Della states, “Only $1.87 to buy a present for Jim. Her Jim. Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him. Something fine and rare and sterling—something just a little bit near to being worthy of the honor of being owned by Jim” (Henry). The quote Henry uses, explains why the affectionate thoughts of Della build up to the theme. The theme, “selfless love is the best kind of love”, is demonstrated through Della’s affectionate thoughts. Della’s love is represented by how highly she thought of Jim and the time she took to plan out what she was going to conceive for him. This ultimately helps you infer that Della’s selfless love is what drove her to buy Jim a gift.
The mood in this story is loving and romantic. When Jim was examining Della’s new haircut, Della states, “It’s sold, I tell you – sold and gone, too. Its Christmas Eve, boy. Be good to me, for it went for you. Maybe the hairs of my head were numbered,” she went on with sudden serious sweetness, “but nobody could ever count my love for you. Shall I put the chops in, Jim?” (Henry 33). This quote, explains how the loving and romantic mood helps build up the theme. The theme, selfless love is the best kind of love, is demonstrated though the loving thoughts Della has. Della’s love is described as uncountable or limitless, unlike the hair she gave away. This ultimately causes you to infer that Della’s love is pure and is not selfish. Jim is explaining to Della what he thinks about her haircut, Jim states, “Don’t make any mistake, Della,” he said,” about me. I don’t think there’s anything in the way of a haircut or a shave that could make me like my girl any less” (Henry 36). In this text it shows how the loving mood builds the theme. The theme, “selfless love is the best kind of love”, is demonstrated through Jim’s loving thoughts. Jim doesn’t really care about Della’s loss of her most beautiful feature. His love for her extends beyond her looks. This ultimately causes me...

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