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Essay Exploring Indian/Environment Relationships Using "The Light In The Forest" By Conrad Richter As A Vehicle

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Section 1The plot in the story starts with True Son, a white boy who was raised by Indianssince he was four years old. A Native American family raised him as their own when theirson had died and True son was taken as prisoner. True Son's Indian parents said wordsthat made him an Indian. True Son considered this to be his life, and these people to behis family.One day when he was 15, he was told by his father that a new law was passed andbecause he was white, he had to go back and live with his real family. Then True Son isescorted by white soldiers back to the place where his parents live. His cousin and bestfriend Half Arrow accompanies him on part of this journey.True Son is reluctant to go and hates his white family. They force him to wear theirclothes, speak their language and interact with other whites daily. The only white personhe likes is Gordie, his younger brother. Gordie is the only one who tries to understandTrue Son, he's also the only one to call him True Son instead of John Butler, his realname.Once while he was living with his white family he tried to escape. When Gordiebegged to go too, True Son brought him too. But Before they could get very far, they werecaught. A while later, True Son became ill and did not seem to get better with themedicines that the Whites had. One night Gordie told True son that some Indians hadbeen seen in the town. Once he was left alone in his room, True Son put on his Indianclothes and went out the window to meet his people.He finds Half Arrow who had come with another Indian, Little Crane who wasmarried to a white that was taken to live with her real family. True Son's uncle had seenLittle Crane and scalped him. True Son and Half Arrow tried to kill the uncle in revengebut were almost killed and decided to escape instead.The climax of the story is after they have escaped and are in the woods. Theyspend many days in the woods on the journey back home and Half Arrow informs Trueson of the things he has missed while he was gone. Once they get back there is muchcelebration and feasts in their honor. When Cuyloga and the others found out about thedeath of Little Crane, they planned to go and kill the person who had killed their friendand relative.When it came time to chose who was to go, True Son was allowed after muchdebate. The Indians heard of a white boat that was coming along the river where theywere traveling. They planned to ambush the boat, but True Son warned the people whenhe saw a little boy that reminded him of...

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