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I was involved in a group project of an academic nature which took place during my first year in Fraser International College. It was for the business course titled Organizational Behaviour. It was a typical group that consisted of five members of the same class and we were to work together and divide the responsibilities of completing the project amongst ourselves. It was also unconventional, in the sense that I was the only fluent speaker of English in an intensive project that involved reading, speaking and writing in English Language. Automatically this put more pressure on me to be more involved in the delegation of duties and also in each member’s execution of their part of the project. Of more significance was that the project was worth 20% of our final grades in the course, and it did not reward individual contribution but rather the group effort.
As the group leader, I was directly affected by how well or poorly each member of the group carried out his assignment as their actions or inactions impacted the whole group for better or for worse. Therefore, I made it a priority to assist in every way I could to simplify each member’s duties, while also making myself always available and approachable to clarify any issues or answer any questions that arose.
The project taught me that a leader is not always chosen, but sometimes emerges due to circumstances, and that when such happens one must seize the initiative, shun excuses and not carry out one’s duties in a lacklustre manner. Leaders are expected to make sacrifices and put the needs and interests of others first. To do that, leaders need to be attentive and rational when delegating duties and not shy away from bearing the brunt of the work.
Altogether, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience, and the group score of 17 of 20 made it even more memorable.
nces in which I learnt so much and it was not so much as for myself as it was for the people I was to be impacting. It was a responsibility that required patience, perseverance and sympathy. We were to be welcoming new students, some international, some who had never left their homes to begin a new life that was to be their University experience. It was overwhelming for a lot of the students and it was a feeling I understood all too well as just barely two years ago I was in the same shoes as a new international student. As an orientation leader was charged with the responsibility of making the new students feel welcome and as...

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