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Essay For Enrollment In A Law Class

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My desire to study law began as a child when I witnessed my next door neighbour forcibly evicted from their house. This had an adverse effect on me as my best friend as a child was leaving me. At first I had a rudimentary understanding of why he and his family had to leave. As time went on, I realised that my neighbours had been evicted as a result of a violation of a clause within the housing law. Ever since this time, I have held a keen fascination with law and the purpose it serves in society.
I believe that the principles of law shape our society and without it many people would lack a sense of direction. I want to be directly involved in law because I feel I can make a difference in society, through the application of justice. Furthermore, I get a true sense of satisfaction through arguing a case I may be advocating when required. I think this is a useful skill because arguing is often construed as negative, but it can be used positively through law. Especially giving those a voice, who believe in something I may not. Through participation in my school debating club I have been able to widen my deliberation skills which can be used effectively; hopefully studying law at degree level.
On a recent trip to Ghana, I experienced African culture first hand, while doing voluntary work with children in a local orphanage. This was a truly humbling experience. It was an absolute pleasure to see how education could have such a colossal affect on children when in fact many of us take schooling for granted. As I witnessed deprived children looking for a better life it made me think that the government was partially to blame. It is a disturbing fact that many governments in Africa are corrupt; subsequently laws are not always respected or understood by the people. My experience in Africa demonstrated the necessity for law and justice, and its vital role in providing fundamental human rights and opportunities to those who are in need of help in society. It was this enriching...

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