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Essay for Dramatic TechniquesThe drama "Shoe-horn Sonata", by John Misto, presents a relationship between two women Bridie and Sheila during and after Would War Two. Misto uses a variety of theatrical devices to convey this relationship to the audience and they are effective. In the play, the alternating setting is a tool which represents a public narrative followed by a private disclosure. Also humour takes different forms in the text. Meanwhile the use of monologue is vital in portraying the character which engages the audience. Therefore it is accurate to state that the various dramatic techniques used in the text "Shoe-horn Sonata" are effective.The alternating setting is a vehicle which represents a public narrative followed by a private disclosure. In the act one scene one of the play, it opens in darkness and silence with only the voice of Bridie heard. The spotlight falls upon her as she explains how the Japanese torture them by making them 'kowbow' although it is not immediately clear who her audience is. Through the use of Japanese words "keirei" and "naore", Bridie reveals the authenticity in her story. This has an immediate effect of engaging the audience. We realise from "On-air" sign that Bridie is being interviewed and a male voice questions her about her role in the War, although the interviewer "Rick" never appears on the stage. We see her adventurous nature through the experience of her enlistment. This is reflected in the quotation 'I...wanted to be like my dad...he was proud" where it indicates that Bridie is reminiscing about her experiences of the early stages of Would War Two. This is reinforced in the quotation "I'd never been further than Woy Woy" which explains her excitement towards the expedition to Singapore.Through the recount of "they'd heard that the Japs had been raping army nurses and they thought they'd be doing us a favour", Bridie appeals perceptive about British inadequacies and foibles during the Japanese invasion in Singapore. Her memory of wartime events is tinged with some irony. Bridie also has an excellent memory and we see that in the detail she records even though a long time has passed. Her intelligence is evident in the quotation "they were forty four all up...we were out in the middle of South China Sea-thirteen thousand women and children-singing songs to pass time" where the dash gives a dramatic pause to add pace to the story. It also evokes empathy from the audience.The dramatic devices that large black and white photograph of war scenes and war posters are projected onto a screen at the back of the stage. The songs and other sound effects from the same historical period accompany these projections, which perhaps, help us to enter into and share Bridie's memories of the war. Misto presents the use the mixed media in this scene. The employment of the song "fall in Brothers" with the up tempo tone suggests the anticipation in which the men join into the war effort. The employment of the term...

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