Essay Responding To Topic Education And Myself. Impossible Can Be Possible.

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Impossible can be possibleMemory is a strange thing. When I’ve been there, looks like I have never paid attention to surroundings. I never thought all that even a trifle will stay in my memory and after four years I still remembered everything as it was just yesterday. That day I thought only about myself and about my final thesis those were mandatory in order to graduate. Everything was complicated. So I did not care about landscape or weather at all. But now the first thing I remember is sweep of meadows, the smell of fresh cutting grass and a light breeze that flattered my face. I remember kids playing with gorgeous butterflies, dog barking, our neighbors having a funny party. I still remember barbeque smell from that day. It looks like I can reach my hand and touch contour of a picture. There was no other noise just on my way home I’ve seen two bright red birds that runaway after they felt my steps or maybe they felt that there is threat of a storm. In a couple minutes dark clouds covered blue sky, butterflies were gone. I wonder how they disappear in a stormy weather, I’ve never thought about this before.It was already dark outside when I was staring to the computer screen, following my own thoughts and ideas on a virtual paper at the same time poring over books trying to support my creation. My head was stuffed with theories and hypothesis, I was at my 43 page of the biggest paper I’ve ever wrote. Due date was coming tremendously fast just one week and all this hard work, longest projects, researches and analysis would be over. For the longest three months I put so much effort and here I am almost over, happy and proud of myself. The feeling of happiness became even stronger when light smell of fresh homemade cinnamon roll tickled my nose. My mother knows how to make my day a little lighter. It looks like it was just another busy student’s day. Unfortunately it was not.I haven’t even noticed when drop after drop painted my window with watery aquarelle. Rain became so heavy it looked like it was forcing inside. And of course lightening was shimmering in the skyline. Maybe it sounds funny but I’m so afraid of thunderbolt. When I was an inquisitive little girl with a big ribbon in my hair I was so sure that bolt is just a flaming arrow of a wicked deity. I was so sure that he can see everything from the dark cloud above us and he knows who deserves to be punished with a destroying power of lightening. Maybe I was not good enough because that memorable...

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