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Essay: Was The Spanish Civil War A Preamble To Wwii?

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The Spanish Civil War was fought in 1936. It was a war that divided the country and unified its citizens to fight for their ideals and beliefs. There were two sides in the war, the Republicans and the Nationalists. The Nationalists were led by General Franco and were known as the rights, and the Republicans were led by Azana and were known as the lefts. The Spanish Civil War took place right before World War II and was fought for the similar reasons as to why World War II was fought, fascism versus democracy. Many believe that because of this, the Spanish Civil War was a precursor to World War II. With the facts and data that are out there for scholars to read, it is not a fact that the Spanish Civil War was a precursor to World War II. However, the Spanish Civil War was used as a training camp for the Axis power, it was fought for similar ideas as those of Hitler and Mussolini, and most important, many countries around the world were directly involved in the fighting during the Spanish Civil War.The Spanish Civil War began with a military uprising led by General Franco. Franco was not exactly a fascist; he was rather an authoritarian conservative. He mainly used the army and the Catholic Church as his bases of support and not the parties and paramilitary organizations. However, he accepted help from fascists Mussolini and Hitler. In Hitler's case, there were several incentives from getting involved in the civil war. First, there was the chance to experiment with terror bombing on civilian populated cities that Hitler would later use against Warsaw, Rotterdam and London during World War II. Second, Germany had a program to re arm and prepare for an upcoming war. However, they were short of iron and copper to make the weapons, and with their aid to Spain, there was the promise of the right to use Spain's iron and copper ores. Third, there was the vision of strengthening his relationship with Mussolini and at the same time distracting the British and the French from his activities in the heart of Europe. The European countries that supported the war more than any other countries were Germany and Italy. They sent large quantities of war materiel and troops to assist General Franco. Among that materials were some aircraft and the pilots to fly the planes. Basically, this was a testing ground for new weapons that helped Germany do well in the early months of World War II.The Spanish Civil War was the ground used for the Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, that prepared and helped Hitler's military growth in Europe. Air and tank warfare was tested out on the battlefields of Spain. Spanish citizens and republican forces faced a large bombing scheme towards civilian targets, like Guernica, which would later be used on Britain during WWII. The air war in Spain saw the introduction of the Hartmann BF109 and later the ME109, the Messerschmitt; these were the fastest planes at the time. They were used for bombing cities and for transferring soldiers from city to...

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