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Essay I: Diversity Is The Key To An Integrated World

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In an indirect democracy as it is the United States of America, people vote for representatives who work in their behalf (Pierson, 9). The United States Congress is formed by a bicameral system, where the people vote to elect representatives for the House of Representatives depending on the size of the population of each state; for example Texas has thirty six, Minnesota has eight. On the other hand, each state votes for two senators to be part of the Senate, regardless of the population (Pierson).
Texas is a huge state that has a great diversity of people with different culture, ethnicity, and incomes. According to the United States Census, people in Texas has a greater number of Hispanics in contrast to the whole country, therefore the percentage of white people non-Hispanics is lower than the rest of the country. The amount of people who is a Veteran is almost three times greater in Texas compared to other Southern States. Regarding income, in the Lone Star State there are more people living in poverty than in the United States, and the household median income is lower than in the whole state. This statistics demonstrate the variety of people and issues that can affect Texas and its residences; moreover, this variety makes up new issues, difficulties, and benefits to the people who live in the territory. Even though Texas has a great diversity of cultures and people with different backgrounds, it has maintained a very conservative position and has stayed as a strong Republican State.
Alexander “Al” Green is member of the House of Representative in the United States Congress, representing the 9th District of Texas. The district is located in the south and southwest area of the city of Houston. The numbers of the district are very different from the rates of United States; in regards to the race, there are only 11% of whites, being predominant the Latinos with a high 40%, followed by African Americans who are 35%, and a high 10% of Asian. This district encompasses different types of ethnicity and communities that differ between each other in many ways. However its similarity with the diversity of Texas, this district is Democratic and had chosen Democratic Representatives since the time it was created in 1883 –the only exception was in 1995 through 1997 where a Republican won the election. Representative Al Green is a liberal Democrat who beliefs in helping those people who are in great need as veterans, middle class workers, and students. Representative Green thinks that the government should support students to have fewer loans, so less debt after their graduations, by promoting the increment of scholarships and financial aid. Houston is a big city, where people have a variety of Universities and it is a relatively young city, in the 9th district the average age of people is between 25-30 years old (U.S Census).
Higher education helps to understand how it is possible that in a Republican State there are some Representatives that are...

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