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Essay About The Journey On The Novel, "The Grapes

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The Grapes of Wrath Essay - Journey Author John Steinbeck's messages and ideas are effectively delivered to the readers through themes and key events in several levels that dominate the novel. The journey is a suitable key to unlock and dramatize Steinbeck's ideas in his novel, The Grapes of Wrath. In general overview of the novel, there are three levels of the journey. To begin with, the first level (a literal level) is unmistakably the Journey of the Joad family that sets up the story. Second level, or the general level, is Migrations of Workers journeying ambitiously towards and inside the state of California. And lastly, the Journey of Humanity would be the symbolic level that's probably being delivered not directly but more effectively to the readers. In every level of the journey, Steinbeck describes his point of view of the sullen society in turmoil during the Dust Bowl Era.Steinbeck sets the Joad family's migration to the West as the first level of journey to simply represent and describe the migrant families' somewhat unfortunate lives in California. Breaking down the whole story of the Joad Family, struggles and hardships they had to interfere cannot be missed to portray their journey. The affliction begins with Tom discovering that his family has moved away from the house because after the Dust Bowl Era, along with others the Joads had to abandon their demolished land and trail the footsteps to California. Struggle continues in the West as some of the Joads are being discriminated by Californian landowners who viciously call the migrants as "Okies" and as time passes by, some family members are leaving their family due to starvation, lack of individual strength, and their selfishness to benefit only themselves; "If I'd knowed it would be like this I wouldn' of came. I'd a studied nights 'bout tractors back home an' got me a three-dollar job" (343) and this quote by Rose of Sharon's husband Connie foreshadows his departure later in the novel. The characters sketched in The Grapes of Wrath develop during their journey. Jim Casy, who has once worked as a preacher, becomes a man's leader and the philosopher that influences the migrants around California, showing a Jesus Christ figure. And other main characters like Ma and Pa change their roles in the family circle as Ma takes charge of the whole family, and the character that matures and goes on a biggest change would be Rose of Sharon who, in the end of the novel, gains a capacity to tell between what's right and wrong in the society as she breast-feeds the starving man on the street. The "I to We" theme is applied to the journey of the Joads as the family bond starts to break and reunite again. After the Joads arrive at the Weedpatch Camp, they are awestruck by the organization of the migrants and the modernized commodities in there, but they soon begin to realize that the other migrants in there are also suffering and are anxious about their future since the persistence is required to...

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