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Essay On The Meaning Of Leadership And Good Leadership Qualties

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Leadership Essay.The meaning of leadership varies amongst people. Leadership can bedefined by many different but similar meanings. Based on reading Chapter One of'Leadership in Leisure Services: Making a Difference (2nd Ed)', by Debra Jordan,Leadership to me is a constant changing process of interactions and situationsbetween members of a group consisting of two or more people. Leadership alsoconsists of a common recognition and understanding of leader-follower rolesbetween all its group members. Since leadership is goal-oriented it also involvesthe leader and its followers to participate in activities to help move the group furtherin reaching and obtaining its goal.The relationship between a leader and its followers is very important in agroup in order to obtain good leadership. There should be a mutual understandingbetween the leader and the followers regarding leader-follower roles. Followersshould recognize, acknowledge and accept the leader(s). Followship andLeadership goes hand in hand with each other because they are interrelated consistingof shared acts of influence and counter-influence. The leader should understand andappreciate the work of its followers and vice verse, in order to work cooperativelyand to obtain the groups shared goal. Both the leader and followers should alwayswork together towards the goal as a group/team and not separate and fall apart asa whole in order for the group to be successful and progress.I believe a leader should possess certain traits and qualities in order toaccomplish good leadership. Some of these traits and/or qualities a leader shouldown in my opinion are integrity, courage, be creative and should be authentic. ALeader should definitely...

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