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Essay Number Five About Life

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The Miller’s Tale in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is a story about a carpenter and his wife, and the two clerks who are pursuing her love. The two clerks were infatuated with the carpenter’s wife, and they employed peculiar strategies in an attempt to capture her attention and ultimately her affection. The two clerks used plans that revolved around religious doctrines and axioms as a tactic of establishing their pursuit as credible. Their use of religion is the reason for the success or failure of all three male characters’ objectives.
Nicholas, the student boarder at the house of John, wants to sleep with Alison because he admires her beauty and elegance; and uses his knowledge ...view middle of the document...

Another clerk in the parish, Absalom, also desired Alison and always used to sing at her window at night attempting to impress her. One day, Absalom, got information about John the carpenter and, thinking that John was away from his house, went to sing to Alison. After the first song, Alison appeared at the window and told him that she loved somebody else and told him to go away. Absalom promised to go away if she would kiss him. Alison then tells Nicholas to be quiet; she then unlocks the window and, as Absalom leans in to give her a kiss, she puts her naked arse out of the window, which Absalom kisses. If he followed the religious norms and did not seek the hand of a married woman then he may not have been ridiculed like he was. Most church clergymen did not attempt to gain a woman’s love like Absalom did. He used courtly love to attract a married woman, which is breaking one of the Ten Commandments and also breaking the rules of the ordained clergyman. He shied away from the religious norms, which led to him being ridiculed.
John the carpenter’s limited knowledge of the Bible is a significant reason for his humiliation because he believes the ridiculous story that Nicholas created. It is ironic that the carpenter knows about the Great Flood and its effect on the citizens of the Earth, but he does not know that the Flood occurred over a...

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