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Free music downloads should be illegal because those in the music industry are experiencing many problems. The artists or singers are not receiving royalties, and this problem will keep on increasing if no one tries to stop this controversy. According to this one expert on the music industry, there have been 261 lawsuits against online music download, and they are expecting a whole lot more. The music industry should be more focused on making music instead of having to deal with all these lawsuits. Even though after three straight years of CD sales went up 14 percent this year of declining as compared with 2003, the illegal downloading has been increasing by 3 percent every month. This unbelievable fact shows how the music being downloaded keeps on increasing gradually. Therefore, the free music downloads should be illegal.The Music industry has been a big success to the people around the world. However, free music downloads from the internet have lead many music industries into a new dilemma. One of the examples is that there have been many lawsuits against people who try to download from the internet for free. For instance, Recording Industry Association of America said, "We have been filing 261 lawsuits against online music pirates, and there would be thousands more." (Music Industry page1). From this quote, it proves how much difficulty that the music industry has to suffer against making lawsuits from free music downloads. Another example is that a new system called "sharing files" has also damaged the music industry. Furthermore, one of the largest music industries in the UK said this, "The combination of those lawsuits, allied to the emergence of legal music download sites is encouraging people to use sharing filing system ... peak of nearly a billion in April last year to approximately 800 million use sharing files now." (Fight back page1). Besides the lawsuits, this quote shows how the sharing file system helped escalade the amount of lawsuits. Among the difficulties that music industries have experienced, free music downloads caused even more problem.Music artists and singers are carriers that have a brawny finance, which goes along with tremendous amounts of money. The downloading of free music greatly affects their finance and business. In one article summary it states that "Pop names such as Britney Spears are the main worry; music heads, who spend money more consistently than pap addicts, use the web as a sampling tool before making lawful purchases"(Elasting pricing page 1). From the quote, you can see that the huge pop star Britney can't even spend her money if it isn't a lawful purchase. From the same article it also said, "Just look at those numbers: singles sale down 32% year on year" (Elastic pricing page1). The value of a singe CD is being reduced by 32% per year, which means the artists and singers, would suffer more than a quarter for every single CD every year....

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