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Essay On A Possible System Evaulation In A Class Room

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A system of evaluation is necessary in the classroom. It is important to choose asystem appropriate for the subject being taught, the environment the students arelearning in and how the students learn in general. If the system that is chosen will notsuit those factors, learning can be hampered. But by selecting a system that is beneficial,learning can be greatly enhanced. In creating a system three areas need to be looked at:criteria, assessment, and grading.There are many criteria that can be used in judging an individuals performance.These criteria must be explicit and can not favor any particular group of people. Forexample, someone can't be judged by how much they talk in class for a couple reasons.First a student could just talk garbage and get rewarded. Second, some people have avery hard time speaking in class. This is not fair for the people with that difficulty. Abetter solution to for that problem would be what a student contributes to the class. Thiscould range from sharing opinions and feelings to merely paying attention and notdisturbing others. Another criterion that should be judged is effort. This can be veryhard to judge, but it is necessary. A piece of work just at the last moment should receivea lower grade than a complete piece of work. Judge these kind of assignments can bedifficult because some students don't require as much time to produce the same qualitywork as another student. Ideas is a criterion that would be essential because it shows thata student is thinking rather than just blindly throwing ideas on to paper. Judging ideaswould also aid in evaluating effort. Other criteria that would be included are timeliness,spelling, attendance, and following directions. These criteria are fairly strait foreword.Assessment can be very tricky because each individual has a different way ofexpressing what they have learned. For instance, one student could participate in classoften but on a test the student might freeze up. It would not be fair to that student to usetest as the only means of assessment. Tests do have there place; the measure what aperson at a given time. But a test does not show what a...

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