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Essay On A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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Food has always been something complicated while also being very simple, and this because of how very vital it is to living and growing. No matter whether you are human, or not everything needs some source of energy to grow and mature. That is how very simple it can be, but complications can always arise when the workings of life are involved. It can be the source of gratitude while it can also make a turn, and create much fear and hurt when scarce. It is fascinating how food can be treated and viewed differently, or similarly, between different families, cultures, and generations. In A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, it is visible that food is important in Francie’s family, and not in just the simple way. Her mother works hard to put together a descent meal for the family, so that with at least food they do not feel poor.
A food ritual that stood out was the coffee Francie and her brother, Neeley, are permitted to drink with their meal. There are a couple of reasons this made an impression, and one of which is just the general idea that Francie and her little are brother allotted to drink coffee. On one side my mother never prohibited me from trying or drinking coffee. On the other side is the notion that children shouldn’t really be drinking coffee because of the caffeine that it contains. A more interesting part to the coffee scene was the ritual that Francie has with her family.
In this coffee ritual, Francie’s mother makes a pot of coffee in the morning, and then reheats it later for their dinner and supper. Each gets to have three cups of coffee with of milk each day, and anymore cups of coffee are they can only have as black. This is because, for the Nolan family, coffee is a single luxury they allow themselves to have. The next fascinating part is that neither children like to...

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