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Essay On Alan Axelrod’s Summary Of Franklin Roosevelt’s Inauguration Speech

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In Alan Axelrod’s brief interpretation of President Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address, he touches on a few key points about Roosevelt’s character. He sees the address as a direct manifestation of Roosevelt’s unique character. His ability to calm a struggling Nation with but a few words and the unfrazzled depth of American steadfastness. Axelrod correctly analyzed Roosevelt as being calm in the face of danger, an outstanding leader, and an eternal realist.
President Roosevelt was a levelheaded, and Axelrod’s interpretation of the inaugural address shows this as being one of his most dominant traits. When the Great depression swept over the land like an angry tidal wave, President ...view middle of the document...

“There is no sugar coating of reality here!” The most essential quality of a good leader is honesty, and Roosevelt is exactly that. He makes sure that the country is brought together, united in honesty. In his stressful time period, Roosevelt was a brilliant man to make sure that the citizens of America felt included and honest. “He asked the people to confront what they feared, so that they could see clearly what needed to be done and thereby overcome.” He challenged America into believing, and not mourning. This quality of a great leader was etched into President Roosevelt. The belief that each American citizen can conquer fear and depression was one of the President’s greatest ideas.
Axelrod shows us that throughout the entire depression, President Franklin Roosevelt was a stunning example of realism. He didn’t give the American people false hopes, he laid out reality and told people to accept it. That was one of the beauties of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. “We are stricken by no plague of locusts.” He said. Trying to keep the American people optimistic, but still giving them the facts. Things could definitely be worse. The president wanted the citizens of America to...

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