Essay On Stress, Its Kinds, Causes, Effects, And Ways To Fight It.

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To some, stress might be an ordinary and daily problem, but to other stress can lead to many different things, and has many affects. Stress has numerous roots that can be related to the environment we live in. Also, many other issues affect what stresses an individual, what it can lead to, and how it can be avoided. Stress can have strong side effects like depression, breakdown, and burn out.In order to overcome stress and its affects, a person must first understand what stress is and what causes it. Stress can be defined as a force or pressure caused by difficulties in life. It is caused by many factors, and it can't be narrowed down to one main reason. Some of the factors that affect people and how they are affected by stress are the environment they live in, how much food they eat on a daily basis, and how much rest and sleep they get everyday. A person might live in a crowded and noisy place, which is uncomfortable for that person, and his job constantly requires great amount of work to be done in a short time period. This causes the person to be continuously put under immense amounts of pressure that causes this individual to be stressed out and feel tired. This type of stress is called environmental and job stress. One of the more common types of stress is caused by the person himself, internally generated stress. Some people worry too much, and this constant worrying about different problems leads the person to be uncomfortable and anxious. Fatigue and overwork can also have affects that cause stress. People might feel stressed out when they find out that they have worked for too long, but without a credible accomplishment, or when time isn't on their side and they fail to achieve what they had set out to do.If these problems reach a point where a person experiences stress, stress may lead to depression, among other consequences. Depression may also be brought upon by the person himself. If somebody failed at what he set out to do, he might not think of himself as highly as he did before and fail to achieve congruence. He might constantly blame himself for everything unpleasant in his life, and that causes the person to have a lack of self-confidence. This person might also be fearful and suspicious of himself and other people he interacts with. Depression itself has its own consequences and affects, and one of the most dangerous affects might lead the depressed person to commit suicide.The Japanese society is a fine example of how the chain of overwork, stress and depression all take part in causing a person to become suicidal. The typical Japanese workingman leaves in the morning for a full day of work until nightfall where he might go out with his co-workers then set out to take a late train back home where he sleeps late and wakes up for another morning. Among the Japanese working population, almost 63% work as employees in different companies. This means that more than half of the working force of Japan experiences almost the same...

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