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In a crucial scene from Peter Weir's hit 1998 film The Truman Show, protagonist Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), after discovering that his picture-perfect suburban existence not only seems to be the stuff of TV situation comedy but in fact is so, makes a break for freedom. As Truman attempts to escape his imprisoning sound-stage suburban world under the cover of night, his omnipotent foe, the creator/director of "The Truman Show," Christof (Ed Harris), directs his minions to "cue the sun" and flood the area with sunlight, even though it is the middle of the night. A climactic moment of sorts, Christof's order-and the wee-hours sunrise that follows-makes plain the utter artificiality of Truman's universe, while at the same time highlighting the forces massed to keep Truman in his place. Read metaphorically, this sequence in Weir's film depicts suburbia not only as an artificial reconstruction of small-town America but also, more tellingly, as a landscape of imprisonment and control. And while the conceit of The Truman Show may have been clever (if not, perhaps, entirely original-as fans of Philip K. Dick's 1959 novel Time Out of Joint might argue), its thematic message was by no means unique: indeed, American fiction and films from the past half-century that depict the suburbs have painted a consistently negative portrayal of this environment. Almost without fail, the major novels, stories, and films chronicling suburban life have envisioned suburbia as a contrived, dispiriting, and alienating place. Even today, at a time when more Americans live in the suburbs than either the city or the country, and when the success of "gated communities" and "neo-traditional" towns suggests that the process of suburbanization continues to evolve, the major current films about suburbia (The Truman Show, Gary Ross's Pleasantville, Sam Mendes's American Beauty, and Todd Haynes's Far From Heaven) nonetheless represent this environment as an entrapping and debilitating place to live. I will argue that this consistent focus on suburbia as an American dystopia is more than coincidence, and instead reflects our uneasy relationship to an environment heavily invested with, even defined by, middle-class America's cultural aspirations and anxieties.A primary factor behind our culture's ambivalent stance toward suburbia is the elusive nature of suburban place identification. For the suburb, in breaking apart the urban/rural binary that had once characterized the American landscape, presents a third term in this equation, a space which remains an enigma even to itself: economically linked to the city, the suburb nevertheless resists urban identification; and if suburbia masquerades as the country, as a sort of plotted, ordered, endlessly repeating pastoral landscape, its calculated, precise parceling of the natural landscape stands in stark contrast to the abiding contours of the rural terrain it continuously supersedes. In this sense, the suburban landscape presents, in the...

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834 words - 3 pages Millard Fillmore was the president of the United States between 1850-1853. Born in the Finger Lakes county of New York in 1800, Fillmore as a youth endured the hardships frontier life and was a hard worker. He worked on his father's farm, and at 15 was apprenticed to a cloth dresser. He attended one-room schools and later moved his law practice to buffalo as an associate of the Whig party.During his three-year term Millard Fillmore finally

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1659 words - 7 pages on several hours away in Kingston. But no longer, the latest outburst of violence came with a price tag estimated at $14 billion in lost tourism revenue. Frederick March, area chairman for the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, warned that the industry, already in trouble, can not afford to take another beating. As March pointed out, Jamaica's image overseas is problematic and travelers fear for their safety.11The latest surge of violence is

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This essay is based on the movie "People Paradox". It is about the present and future problems in Kenya, India, and Japan. As we know, Kenya is an under developed country, India is a developing...

1404 words - 6 pages declining population, face? In 1950, people in the developing countries won't have enough resources. Developing countries will become poorer, or just stay the same because the population base will be huge and still if they keep on making babies, more money will be needed for young kids and can't use it for the progress of the country. Also the developing countries will have to find a way to educate their children. Poor people in developing

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777 words - 3 pages seen at work in Harwood's poem 'Father and Child' where the changes wrought by forty years or so.In this poem, Harwood explores the changing relationship between a father and child over time and how this has led the persona of the poem to reflect on the changing of herself . Indeed, it is due to this passing of time that we are able to contrast the two sections of the poem 'Barn Owl' and 'Nightfall'. We see a child 'once quick to mischief

Dallas's Ban on Smoking: brief discussion about the recent ban on smoking in Dallas area restaurants and businesses in early 2003. Discussion of health and economic effects.

726 words - 3 pages Dallas's Ban on SmokingRecently, Dallas city council voted to ban smoking in area restaurants and businesses. For months, the citizens of Dallas bickered back and forth about the effects of smoking regulations on area economics. These consequences, however, did not stand a chance against the main issue of public health. Health issues of the city's large population are a growing concern for Dallas's mayor and city council. The city government has

This is an opinion essay about US and Canada joining as one country

577 words - 2 pages they might follow.It is known that USA and Canada have established a free trade and do allot of business together. If they join together as one country, they will be able to ship the resources all through out North America with no problem. Lets take wheat for example. If USA will not have the amount of resources, like wheat, needed to feed its people, Canadian provinces, like Alberta, who have a huge farming industry will be able to supply USA with

Identify a patient from your clinical area who is suffering from cancer and his actual and potential problems - Choose and elaborate on one of these problems

2457 words - 10 pages back and bilateral lower limb pain. Apart from the pain and fever there were no other clinical findings. Blood tests revealed myeloid blasts indicative of a relapse of Acute Myoblastic Leukaemia. On admission Marco weighed 55kg. A femoral line was inserted in the right inguinal area and chemotherapy was started three days later. Supportive care included hyperhydration, allopurinol, first line antibiotics and a morphine infusion. The chemotherapy

To investigate the effect of surface area on the rate of reaction using the enzyme Catalase, found in potato, and the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide.

2672 words - 11 pages equation for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.2H2O22H20+O2PREDICTIONTo increase the surface area of potato, I will be cutting them into smaller pieces. Therefore, I predict that the greater the surface area of potato, the greater the rate of reaction. If you increase the surface area, you are exposing more Catalase molecules to the hydrogen peroxide. This increases the chances of successful collisions between the enzyme and the substrate. It

This essay compares the treatment of women in the novel Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood), and the country Afghanistan.

743 words - 3 pages the society of Afghanistan, and wrote a fictional account of the woman's life, she envisions in Afghanistan. The resemblances are uncanny. Few people can imagine how life is like in such a repressive country (before the war in Afghanistan 2001-present), and Margaret might be on the right track to open the world's eyes.

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