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Essay On ‘Documentary Bowling For Columbine’ By Michel Moore

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The present essay aims to analyze the connection between American society and gun ownership. Also what this can provoke on the citizens. These issues have been highly debatable over the past fourteen years since the massacre on Columbine High School occurs on April 20, 1999. As gun ownership is closely related to availability of firearms, the people who are against this civil duty of bearing arms to defend themselves and theirs are terrified of being shot, so the fear has spread over the country. Another relevant aspect is the discrimination of students from Columbine School since the existing paranoia. Students are taken to court to declare about their ‘misbehavior’. Finally, all these negative feelings have increased within the country creating a division having ‘firearms’ as guilty.
USA has divided into two separated nations because of gun ownership. This issue has been questioned in terms of people’s freedom to buy guns and an indiscriminate use of them. In addition, Americans have claimed that they’ve got strong reasons, which allow them be armed as a matter of civic duty. For example, Americans say: “The more guns you have, the more responsible you are”. Furthermore, NRA (National Rifle Association) not only supports this idea but also promotes the use of guns. On the other hand, there are Americans who are rejected because they are against the indiscriminate use of guns. It is alarming the fact that Americans can easily open an account to obtain firearms and ammunition. Undoubtedly, there is a close connection between the Columbine massacre with the availability of guns for young people.
Indiscriminate use of guns has caused fear among Americans. The fear has become a common feeling given the fact that the sense of safety is practically non-existent. Providing that all Americans can be potential murderers, they consider themselves as vulnerable people who are unable to predict an unexpected attack. The possible murderers may range from criminals to harmless neighbours, even close relatives. One of the central points of...

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