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In this piece of coursework, I will discuss the nature of good and evil and duality of man's nature. I will discuss this information on the basis of the novel 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". This novel was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on 13th December 1850. He was brought up in a religious environment. Later on in life, he went to Edinburgh University to study law. During his stay at university, Stevenson decided, much to his father's disappointment, he would be a writer. Stevenson also gave up the religion of his parents; it was during this time that R.L. Stevenson was said to be going through a rebellious streak. He married a woman called Fanny Osbourne. Stevenson had produced books such as Treasure Island, Kidnapped and many more. In 1886, he wrote 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.' In this book, he was trying to symbolise that all people had an evil side to them. This book was criticised by lots of wealthy people when it was published as it defied the stereotype for wealthy people or families, which was that they were good and kind people.The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was set in the Victorian era when there were lots of social constraints and codes of behaviour for men and women. The idea of the Victorian setting added more atmosphere to the novel as many times the dark dingy areas were mentioned. The good in the book was represented by the wealthy, beautiful parts of London and the evil and sinful parts of the book were represented by the poor parts of London which were struck down by poverty. In the Victorian era, prostitution was an option for most men and women were very fragile. Drugs were used very much in the Victorian era. In Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, R.L Stevenson was trying to say that just because people were rich, well respected and reputable, it did not mean they were good, kind people. Stevenson was trying to say that all people had some evil within them.Jekyll is described as a man who 'always followed his custom'. This means that Jekyll always followed his rules. He had and followed his morale's and was an efficient man. He was 'a large, well built, smooth-faced man of fifty'. This tells us he was quite tall, not obese or skinny but just right and always cleanly shaven meaning he always made sure he looked respectable. 'Dr Jekyll's big healthy face turned pale and an angry look came into his eyes', this implies that normally Dr Jekyll had a healthy face but when angry his face would turn pale and heated. Towards the end of the book, Dr Jekyll was described as 'looking as sick as a man on his deathbed' demonstrating he looked very sick and was close to passing away. Jekyll was very fond of Utterson and well liked generally. He was a very reputable and well respected man. He was very sociable and used to arrange dinner parties for his friends and guests. However, as the story progressed, all the good in him was taken over by his evil side and Dr Jekyll allowed...

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