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Essay On Hitler: How Was It Possible For Hitler To Come To Power In 1933?

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Adolf Hitler can be considered one of the most powerful and terrifying people in history. It’s surprising how someone like him, with his intentions and plans for Germany and the world, rose to power. However, it happened, resulting in the death of sixty million total dead. The main reason of Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 is the fact that he was a very charismatic personality and he spoke so convincingly, that everyone believed him.
One of the first reasons that Hitler could come to power in 1933 was his very efficient Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, whom came to Hitler’s aid in the year of 1933, just six months after Hitler became chancellor. He became the leader of this ...view middle of the document...

“The time shall come, when you once again can proudly state that you are German. When we look upon our history, we feel ashamed over how we live today. Our people had to suffer immensely due to the inflation, when millions of people were robbed of everything they had worked for their entire lives. Everything was instigated and achieved, and all the responsibility lies on the people who signed the treaty of 1918!”
The German people were in such a weak state and felt betrayed and like they could not trust any leader, until Hitler came along. It was easy for him to gain the confidence of the German people, especially since his words were like the words of God to them. Their adoration of him can be seen in the speech reels. They were absolutely mesmerized by what they heard. When he talked, they would be quiet and when he was done, they would applaud fervently. They seemed hypnotized by him.
A major factor of the effect that Hitler had on people was his hand gestures. He acted so enthusiastic, swinging his hands here and there. It was probably like a roller coaster ride. People would go from feeling angry to proud to murderous to hopeful. It was like Hitler was the puppeteer and they were his puppets. What he would want them to feel, they would. The fact that a single person was able to sway an entire nation like that and to have them all believe the same thing is truly astonishing. It was not just the factor of his charisma, it was also intimidation. Hitler talked about his plans for people who were not faithful to him and did not meet his standards and they did not exactly have a bright future. The German people saw the passion in his eyes when he spoke about this and it probably scared them. They had no desire to end up on the bad side of Adolf Hitler.
Hitler really pushed nationalism. He wanted the German people to love their country and want to do anything for it. His arguments to convince them were so believable it was hard not...

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