Essay On How Juveniles Should Not Be Charged As Adults

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Juvenile Justice: Should Minors be charged as Adults?A movement has started in our country to renovate the juvenile justice system. This movement wants to erase any differences between young offenders and adult criminals. Almost all fifty states have changed their juvenile justice laws, allowing more youths to be tried as adults and abandoning long-time efforts to help rehabilitate delinquent kids and prevent future crimes. It seems to be plain and simple, a minor in this country is defined as a person under the age of eighteen. How then can we single out certain minors and call them adults? Were they considered adults before they carried out an act of violence? No. How then, did a violent act cause them to cross over a line that is defined by age? The current debate over juvenile crime is being dominated by two voices: elected officials proposing quick-fix solutions, and a media more intent on reporting violent crimes than successful prevention efforts. Minors should not be tried as adults in our society today. This is obvious through looking at propositions by our government such as Proposition 21, a proposition which used statistics to try and convince people to sentence youths to sentences.Politicians feel that best solution is to lock up youth offenders for long periods of time. Most studies demonstrate that putting young offenders in adult prisons leads to more crime, higher prison costs, and increased violence. Yet, our nation is spending more and more on prisons, and less on crime prevention efforts. Some states spend more on prisons than they do on education. The cost of keeping juveniles in prison as compared to putting them into rehabilitation programs is astronomically higher. It can cost five thousand dollars to keep a juvenile in prison, when all they need to do is go to high school. Also the effectiveness of prisons preventing juveniles from becoming repeat offenders is low. Kids, who have already spent time in adult prisons, are far more likely to commit more serious crimes when they are released. Crime prevention programs work and are affordable. They have also been shown to reduce crime substantially. There are many crime prevention programs around the country that have been very successful in helping to reduce juvenile crime. Many states use programs that are designed to help parents of troubled kids in raising their children. These programs offer strategies and tactics for helping supervise and discipline troubled children. This is done, because it is believed that one of the causes of delinquency is that parents of kids with delinquent tendencies simply don't know what to do with them. The parents just let their kids commit any crimes they want, because they do not have any idea how to prevent them. These programs as well as other similar ones have been shown to have quite an influence on crime prevention.Media reports on juvenile crime are greatly exaggerated. Crime level indicators show that the male "at risk" population...

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Should Juveniles be tried as Adults?

2023 words - 9 pages how crimes committed by people within the same age group will not be given a light sentence, other will start to reevaluate their actions. There are some juveniles that commit crimes believing they will receive a lesser punishment because they are under-aged. Making youth offenders understand that once a horrendous crime is committed adequate punishment will be received. I still don’t believe children should be tried as adults unless they have had

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619 words - 2 pages "Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults" is an essay by Laurence Steinberg, which expresses his views of if, when, and why youth offenders should be tried as adults. He compares the juvenile system to the adult system and point out hat the two differ in their respective forms of decision making for treatment or discipline. In the recent past, society has redefined the judicial system for juveniles and is striving to get more youth offenders trued

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1189 words - 5 pages were offered (The Oklahoman). As the poll shows, many believe that the justice system should not identify people under the age of 18 in the same category as grown men and women, and replacements to capital punishment need to be in place. Juvenile courts have recognized that there are developmental differences between adults and juveniles and advocated appropriate rehabilitative systems. Still, with the passage of revised death penalty statutes

Juveniles Tried as Adults

1764 words - 7 pages adults does nothing to slow the crime rates then an alternate method should be proposed that will actually slow down the crime rates. There will be always be controversy on this topic, there will always be people who believe that juveniles should be tried and convicted as adults while there will always be others who disagree with this. In my opinion I believe that giving a juvenile an adult sentence is a direct violation to the eighth amendment of

Juveniles Tried As Adults

1214 words - 5 pages required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Subjecting a child to be tried as an adult in my opinion falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment, juveniles can sometimes be tried unfairly as the struggles in their lives are often overlooked and because of this they are convicted as adults and their lives are thrown away. There are many instances where a juvenile is not given a fair trial or he or

Juveniles Tried As Adults

575 words - 2 pages A young girl, 12, blonde, walking alone on a Saturday night. Her destination; home, is only a block away. She is suddenly swept off her feet into a nearby alleyway and brutally attacked and killed. 3 months later her offender is put on trial. He is only 13. Juveniles who commit serious crimes should be tried as adults, because if they can make the decisions to take a life, they can serve the time for it, and acts of crime such as rape, and

Juveniles Tried as Adults

1457 words - 6 pages community. They are still able to be rehabilitated because their minds are not fully developed and their actions and feelings can be retained from hurting others. Juveniles should not be tried as adults because they are at high risk of being molested physically and mentally by other inmates, they are much likely to be repeat offenders, and that we as a society ourselves are being cruel by making the decision to ruin another person’s life. The

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1686 words - 7 pages is a very deep thing. As said before, if a child were to commit a murder, and walked away uncharged, how would that help them? They would view the criminal justice system as a joke. Why wouldn't you move on to worse crime if you know that there will be no consequences to it? There is a fine line between whether or not children should be tried as adults. When a child commits an adult crime, they should have to pay the price for what they did

Juveniles being tried as adults.

577 words - 2 pages Teens should not be charged as adults because they do not know or understand the law or their rights," says Pincham.Justice Stephen White, from Pennsylvania says, "I do not believe a 7- or 8-year-old has the capacity to understand the nature and gravity of their offense. I do believe there are circumstantial facts that a state."Nick Pastore, a former police chief of New Haven, Connecticut now working for DC-based Criminal Justice Policy

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1470 words - 6 pages media privacy of teenagers. It was until late 2013, adolescents in California were legitimated to request the web owners to remove their own postings in order to safeguard their personal information (Miles). Yet, not all teenagers from the globe could receive equal rights on privacy. There are still low acknowledgements in some countries that juveniles’ privacy rights on social media should be protected. In the face of the crisis of youth privacy

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