Essay On How To Get A Volunteer Position South College/ One Goal Essay

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Singleton 2
Lacey Singleton
Ms. Duchatellier
19 September 2017
Volunteer Interest Essay
Being able to volunteer is an enriching feeling, especially when you are able to help others who may not be able to help themselves. I understand you are looking for someone who believes in the increase of children’s knowledge, enhancing the community, and a maintenance of healthy living, I am interested in an opportunity to volunteer at the Weekley YMCA. I believe my knowledge and experience gained from working with children along with the goal of the organization, would make me a great candidate for your position opening.
My first volunteer experience was at the Elmcroft Senior Living facility. I was there with my school choir. Walking into the facility was quite scary not knowing what to expect and realizing in the next few minutes I could either impact someone’s life positively or negatively. Once I got started and saw the smiles on the elders faces light up, I knew this was something I wanted to continue. I would go every other Thursday or Friday and read to the elders in their rooms or even walk them down to lunch. Sometimes I would even play board games with them. This experience was great for me and I loved the feeling that I would get after leaving the facility. I gained personal growth, leadership and communication skills, as well as responsibility. These skills are now a part of me and I use them in every area of my life.
But I didn’t stop there I continued to search for other places that I felt I could lend a helping hand to. I came across an ad for reading and math tutoring for 3rd through 5th graders at Nathaniel Q....

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