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Opposing the Death PenaltyThe death penalty has been a controversial issue in American society for the last twenty years. It started back in 1976 during the Furman v. Georgia trial. This case was about three black men that received the death penalty for the murder or rape of white people. It was argued against because two of the men were sentenced to death for rape, even though other people had been given much less severe punishments for murder (Bender 35)! Should it be up to our justice system to decide a person's fate? There are many issues that deal with the controversy of capital punishment such as discrimination, cruel and unusual punishment, unfair trials, the possible "wrongly accused", and the rights of the convicted.The largest issue related to the death penalty is the fear of executing an innocent person. Nobody has ever been sentenced the death penalty, executed, then found to be innocent (Draper 35). But since 1973 there have been 102 people in 25 states that have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. In many of these cases they were proven innocent because somebody confessed to committing the crime. Considering that an extremely small percent of escaped murderers would actually confess to their crime there must be a very large amount of people that have been wrongfully accused and possibly some that have been executed. One example of a wrongfully accused person is Anthony Porter. He was convicted in 1983 for the murder of 2 people. In 1999, two days before his execution, a videotape of a man confessing to the murder was discovered! He was released of all charges. Although he wasn't wrongfully executed, 16 years of his life was spent in jail with the fear of death looming over him. It is indisputable that people are being wrongfully accused constantly and that it will always be a problem. Wrongful execution is the most disturbing aspect of Capital Punishment. Surely their will be a wrongful execution sometime in the future, so we should abolish the death penalty before that day comes. People aren't always wrongfully accused on accident though. Sometimes it is because of another discriminating factor that people get wrongfully accused or are given a more severe punishment than necessary. ( affects the death penalty in many ways. Statistics show that race, income, and geography have greatly affected the sentence of people that commit the same crime ( Studies show that a black person who commits the same crime as a white person is much more likely to get the death penalty. There have been 43 black death row inmates that have been proven innocent, which shows...

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1601 words - 6 pages the process that it takes for someone to get out of prison is exhausting, especially for those on death row. Works Cited Baldus, David C., et al. “Racial discrimination and the death penalty in the post-Furman era: An empirical and legal overview, with recent findings from Philadelphia”. Cornell L. Review. 83 (1998): 1638-1821. Barksdale, Janis. Personal Interview with Aja Beech. 20 Jan. 2014 Blume, J. “TIME ON DEATH ROW.” Web

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508 words - 2 pages “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Unfortunately, DNA evidence is not available in most cases. So, as long as the death penalty is in place, you are pretty much GUARANTEED to occasionally execute an innocent person.Really, that should be reason enough for most people to oppose it. If you need more, read on:2. Because of higher pre-trial expenses, longer trials, jury sequestration, extra expenses associated with prosecuting & defending a DP

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1980 words - 8 pages life. However, many forget the extent of cruelty with which the victim was subjected to by the murderer. The pain that a murderer causes to the family of the victim is immense and death penalty is the most appropriate punishment that can guarantee justice. This is not forgetting that it will still not be enough since the affected family will not get back their loved one (Siegel 513). Some opposing arguments have implied that the death penalty

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973 words - 4 pages innocent inmates who are stuck in prison on death row are being killed. Also, the killing of an individual because he has killed someone else is not what we as Americans have been taught to stand for. Lastly, the death penalty is certainly not the best economical solution for dealing with our troubled citizens. At the end of the day, these prisoners end up costing us as tax paying citizens, more dead than alive. I feel that the inmates that are on

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1083 words - 4 pages together is not what America should stand for. Without the death penalty, an innocent man will at least be able to pick up where he left off, and not be wrongfully executed. Mistakes like these do not need to be made. Another big issue with killing an innocent person is the case remains closed forever. If a case is closed the police will not have reason to look for the real killer. When an innocent person is executed, the real killer is still on

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