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ESSAYThe poetry of Gwen Harwood, Hannah Roberts piece 'Sky High' from the 'changing' booklet and Ray Bradbury's novel 'Fahrenheit 451' all show people contemplating changes in themselves, and looking with a new awareness at their place in the world.Time, trauma, death and discovery are all aspects of the dynamic process of changing self that we can effectively recognise in each of these texts.Time is a major factor in changing people, and can be seen at work in Harwood's poem 'Father and Child' where the changes wrought by forty years or so.In this poem, Harwood explores the changing relationship between a father and child over time and how this has led the persona of the poem to reflect on the changing of herself . Indeed, it is due to this passing of time that we are able to contrast the two sections of the poem 'Barn Owl' and 'Nightfall'. We see a child 'once quick to mischief' disregarding her father as an 'old no-sayer' transformed into a matured woman admiring her father as an 'Old King'.The split poems adds depth to each other by showing the changes brought by passing time and offer different viewpoints on the relationship between the father and child.The father is quoted in both sections. In the first he is stern and in the second he is affectionate. This reflects the changing role in the speaker's life.'Barn Owl' is very clear and stark in its depiction of the setting, the actions and issues of authority, guilt and responsibility. It uses vivid description and colourful language to convey destruction of the bird; "while the wrecked thing.... hobbled in its own blood."'Nightfall' is more softly focussed in its language and subject. "Father and child, we stand in time's long-promised land."The techniques used in 'Father and Child' have shown the effect that change has on any individual.In the text "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts, the narrator remembers her childhood experiences, using the symbol of the 'washing line' to express the change in her life and the strength of memories. It begins with her memory drawing us back into those shadows of the past. Here we come to know her as a little girl who swung herself up onto the arms of the clothesline and observed the world from her exalted position, feeling 'Sky high'. The reader...

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