Essay On Personal Motivator (Never Give Up)

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I believe everyone has that one special person who will always push and motivate them to be the best that they can be. Someone who, no matter what is going on in their own life, devotes their time encouraging others to work to their potential. Special people like this are hard to find, but I believe I was truly blessed to find such a person. For me, that person was and still is, Mr. Waddell. Mr. Waddell taught Literature at my high school. Upon my arrival at high school, he was always there. If I was sad he would make me smile. If I was mad he would encourage me to try and see things from a brighter side. If I was happy he would tell me a joke just to make sure I stayed that way. Truthfully, I never really thought about the problems he might be having. I thought people like Mr. Waddell didn?t have problems; or at least, if they did, they had people to help them just like they helped other people. It wasn?t until the day he committed suicide that I was taught the biggest lesson of my life.The transition from middle school to high school is exceedingly complex, with new people and harder teachers just to mention a few. I remember my first day of high school just like it was yesterday; walking down the new halls, getting lost while going to math and science class just to name a few. Not to mention my being an advanced Ross 2 freshman, which meant most of my classes were with upperclassmen, people I did not know. There was a teacher standing in the hall helping new freshmen, my bewildered facial expression probably gave me away. That teacher showed me how to get to all of my classes that day, it was such a relief. That teacher was Mr. Waddell, he was a favorite among most students attending Warner Robins High School. However, other students would make unfounded comments about him. Comments such as ?he is gay,? or ?he likes young girls,? but I didn?t believe any of it. He especially had a way with student athletes. I played varsity basketball as a freshman which was definitely not my choice.Mr. Waddell encouraged me to see the brighter side of being on varsity instead of junior varsity like most of my friends. He told me how momentous it would be for my future and, of course, he was right. Mr. Waddell attended all games; football, soccer, basketball, and swimming. He was there with a smile on his face. After the games, he would critique players on how he felt they could improve, and although we did not always want to hear it, it somehow helped in the long run. He could make a joke about anything, just to make you smile. My junior year, I started playing volleyball. Mr. Waddell drove the volleyball bus to the games. He also watched the games and provided feedback on how to improve. ?Never give up,? he would say every time I got so frustrated with certain things I could not immediately grasp. Mr. Waddell was also my 11th grade Literature teacher during this time and when we had late games or when I was exhausted from basketball...

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